Oh Boxing Day...

 So in Canada, today is Boxing Day. It's pretty much our Black Friday. 
 At first I wasn't going to partake in the madness, ( Well except for the fact I had to work that day, and in retail no less....) but then I took a look at the flyers and had to get some of these deals. I can't satisfy but hunger for GAMES!  Overall I spend about $270and I'll let you judge if it was worth it.  
  Forza 3 - $20  

Alan Wake - $20 

Crackdown 2 - $20  
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - $40 
Red Dead Redemption - $40  
Final Boxart
Dragon Quest 9 - $20  
 The first season's of Modern Family ($15) and Big Bang Theory($15), season's 7-10 of the Simpson's($60), and the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie($5) ( I still love the movie even after all these years) The Lovely Bones($7.50), and 500 days of Summer($7.50).     
I'm happy with the purchases but I wish I had bought the Alan Wake DLC while it was on sale last week. Also the RDR DLC as well....but you can't win them all.      
Let me know what you think of some of these games and if you want to do some co op at all. 

Oh Family.

So I just had a visit with family on my fathers side. This wouldn't be so weird except that I haven't heard from my father in maybe 5 years.  
Why they wanted to see me is beyond me, I haven't even talked to them in maybe 10 years.  
The visit was fine, after an hour we ran out of things to talk about and they left. So pretty much they showed up to get me out of bed 3 hours before I normally would and that's it


I now have 1000 posts...

So today I have reached 1000 posts. This might not seem like a big deal but to me it is. It took me a lot to start posting on these forums.
 I used to have a very hard time dealing with typing my thoughts out and accepting that not everyone will agree. This is weird considering I'm very outgoing and not afraid to speak my mind in person, but for some reason I wasn't like that over the internet. 
I'm glad to say that I've overcome that and anyone who has read this can look forward to 1000 more posts eventually

Nintendos Press Conference.

Well Nintendo you started off slow but my God did you pick it up! I'm not going to go on about the things
I didn't like ( there wasn't much ) but I should say that over all I was very impressed. 
Let's start with a game that isn't even made by Nintendo. Epic Mickey is a game that I have heard of, but never really knew what it was or what it was going to be. The first thing that struck me about it was the art. Now I enjoy Kingdom Hearts so I'm not opposed to liking something that has Disney characters in it. Now for the actual gameplay, it's a platformer. I have a great fondness for platformers, like many, started with the first Super Mario.  All in all I like what I saw and am looking forward to learning more in the future. 
The next game that caught my eye was Golden Sun DS. I've had a love of Golden Sun since it first came out on the Game Boy Advance. Not too much to say about this game other then it's looking awesome and I'll be picking it up on day one!
Oh the pink puff ball named Kirby. I've loved you since your first adventure on the NES. Kirby's Adventure is probably one of my top five NES games ever and my fondness for Kirby has been strong
ever since. He hasn't had much action lately other then Super Smash Bros. (There have been DS games but I'm focusing on console Kirby) What jumps out to me initially is the art style, (nice to see people recognizing that they can't make realistic games on the Wii and instead makes things stylistic) it has a cutesy look that fits the Kirby universe (Kirbiverse?) very nicely. It was hard to tell how exactly it would play but I trust in Nintendo that it'll be a blast to play like pretty much all their games. (except you....I'm drawing a blank) Oh the name was a little weak, Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Lastly Nintendos big gun. The Nintendo 3DS. Now I'm not so into the idea of having 3D in my games. (I mean like pop out 3D not 3D graphics. They need to find a new term to differentiate these two things.) But having it in my handheld seems like a smart way to get people to warm up to it. They talked about some tech mumbo jumbo but what really caught me was that it's better graphically so that developers can use the 3D to have a better experience. I'm not really doing the 3DS justice here but it really was something to behold. At the end when they were listing off games that people can expect to see on it in the future was another great thing for Nintendo to do. It really gave "hardcore" gamers something to get excited for. And boy, am I excite

Microsofts Press Conference

Well E3 is unofficially started, and what a way to start it. I'm going to be going through the games that were shown that interest me.

  BOW to your corporate GODS!
I wasn't expecting much from them Microsoft going in but I feel that they started out pretty good. First thing they show is Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now I'm a pretty big CoD fan but WaW didn't really work for me, I had fun but it didn't hold me like Modern Warfare did. As soon as the gameplay started I knew that this was a game I'll be playing. I'm not going to say what was played because, well, it's Call of Duty but it's still something I'm interested in.  
Now next they bring out someone who I'm told is prolific in the video game world: Hideo Kojima. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I have never once played a game tha t this man has made. I even went so far to see MGS4 that I watched someone play through the whole game, TWICE. I can't lie I didn't really understand the importance of some of the things that were happening but I loved every second of it. One of the reasons I loved, well at least watching, MGS4 was Raiden. He seemed so badass. What made it even better was that EVERYONE hated him in MGS2. I'm going to start rambling soon ( or have I already started? ) so I'll just say that Metal Gear Solid: Rising has my interest and I can't wait to check out more. 
Moving on to the next game. It was obvious that this was going to get shown but DAAAMN did I love what I saw. I'm talking about Gears of War 3. Now I never got to play the first Gears much online since I didn't have my 360 but I played the second one a metric fuck tonne          ( yeah that's a thing ) and loved it. That's what made this small piece of gameplay even sweeter. In fact I'd say it tasted as good as Maria's Pie....Sorry Dom. Nothing has really changed much from the previous game, which is good. I always feel that you shouldn't mess with things that work ( at least not until you run it into the ground ). The key for me is smart additions which, with 4 player co-op and some of the new moves I feel that they have. Also since it's early there is bound to be more which is what I'm really excited to see. 
Box Art (NA)

  Now something to get rid of that RPG fix I so desperately need. Fable 3 is a game that I was not particularly excited for. I played the second and merely thought "it's alright" and for the most part that's how I feel about this one. But I'm a glass is half-full kind of person so I'm giving them the benefit . I'll give it a shot and I'm sure I'll like it for about as much as the second so it'll be worthy of the rent.
Project Natal
Now it's time for what everyone wanted to see. Project Natal...I mean Kinect. I'm not interested in the games that they showed. What I am interested in is movie watching and navigation. I am the kind of person that will lose remotes or, in the dark, hit the wrong button and have people hate him ( yeah, that's me...). So being able to speak what I want to do to my console is mind blowing! ( not ALL of the things I'd speak to my console are dirty either ) I'm going to cut the Kinect talk here. I'm don't want to go into the games since they really didn't leave a good mark on me.
So there, that's what I took away from the Microsoft Press Conference.

Finally, after all these years...

Well it's finally happened. After all these years of playing pokemon it's happened. 
 I caught my first shiny pokemon. 
It was a purple Quagsire.  
I have never been so paranoid trying to catch something before. It happens sometime, I have something down to 1 HP and by accident I hit run instead of Bag. That's all that was going through my mind at that moment I saw it. "Oh god don't hit run" But I didn't so it's all good.