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Great package with a few issues 0

Having played battlefield 2142 before Bf 2 i found the gameplay slightly linear compared. The majority of the weapons are too unaccurate and becoming a marksman with each weapon will take a large amount of time. Nevertheless, the content is there - 28 maps, 100 vehicles and endless amounts of play styles to suit anyone from sniping to anti tank to Medic. The vehicles offer much more variety compared to say COD4 which is basically set in the same environment. The expansion packs really add to t...

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Good but not the GTA we were expectin, here's is why i think why: 0

Gta 3 on its own was revolutionary being the first sandbox game ever made. Gta Vice City introduced more cars, bikes, brilliant radio stations and helicopters which elevated the series to new heights. Gta San Andreas introduced more vehicles like planes and helicopters, better gun play, some realism but not too much to ruin the game. And Gta 4.....Hmmmmm This is my biggest problem with gta4, it doesn't do anything new for the series. Its more polished and some aspects have been improved while s...

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Hit and miss.........with blood flying everywhere.......... 0

I own every call of duty so naturally i got this game for christmas and its great but lets just say if you don't like world war 2 you won't like this and also the game play is near identical to cod4. First off the singleplayer is longer and more bloody than cod4, alot more bloody. The multiplayer is more or less the same with more perks, a larger variety of weapons, tanks and new modes that are probably the stand out features. Whoever said the graphics are worse than cod4 has their head on bac...

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The typical COD affair brilliantly executed 0

I own every Cod game and this is one of best (with COD 2 on PC). With epic graphics and heart throbbing gunplay it is one of the pinacle FPS of the year. The singleplayer campaign is short and indeedly sweet, and the Multiplayer is an enjoyable mix of the tense COD gameplay and Battlefield 2 style format. The overall gameplay and the missions involved are trully outstanding, its easy to play, theres no learning curve, and the multiplayer is so well laid out and executed. I could go on but just b...

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Half life 2 alone is priceless, this package is brilliant. 0

I played half life 2 a while back and i can't belive it took me so long to finally buy it. I've had the orange box for about 3 weeks and im not finished with it's a run down game buy game. Half life 2 - Stupendous entertainment value in one of the most critically acclaimed games ever. Brill graphics, simple yet engaging gunplay, frightening enemies, great level design, I got 20 hours from hl2 in one play through. An absolute essential........5/5 HL2 episode 1 - this is just ...

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