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Just the Ending 0

Ok I'm going to start this by making my position clear, they lost me half way through the second game, in my opinion they bowed so much to "fan" feedback form the first game that they ruined the game I wanted.So lets catapult forward to number 3 eh?I know I will rub some people the wrong way with this but... The ending is fine.ok ok, calm down, I took the time to watch every ending, before I said this.I really cant get my head around the uproar, I mean dd you see the ending of CoD black ops? or ...

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Quick review 0

Better than Halo 3, but the bar moved on years ago. + you can run! you can fly!+ rudimentary  class options in some multiplayer game modes + Single player is interesting( from what I have seen) = You can make you player look purty,  = voting system.... ok so I had it in the pluses,until I realised that I had played two maps 15 times and some maps never because every douchbag voted for them each time. There is something to be said for actually playing on the VERY few maps that they have in this g...

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Australia for the win! 4

As a long term fan of the original, I approached this with a sceptical heart. I had been burnt badly by Civ Rev and wondered if I was doomed to Dosbox and my original copy of Civ 1. But I was actually amazed at how well Civ 5 took the series back to the heart of the game. Whilst the hand holding "auto improve" still exists, I am still a purist of the micro management days and can still manually control the development of my empire.  The move to Hexes is something long overdue, as any tabletop ga...

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A rich experience that you need to work at 0

I must admit that out of the case this game does not look to do much more than it's predecessor (unless you count the fact that it gives you an achievment for playing the original)  But having completed the japanese campaign to gold level and started on the american forces I can see that am lot of the control refinement has gone into this worthy sequel.The good:- nothing else like this in the market. it really gives an awesome feeling to be piloting a warplane then the next minute off to a battl...

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So close 0

When I first heard there would be an AI director I thought about infinite replayability. When I heard it only pertained to spawning zombies, my enthusiasm dropped a bar, when I played the demo I peaked, only to have my hopes dashed by one dushbag who showed me that it only will take one uncooperative player to ruin the experience for everyone, especially on harder settings. This game could have spelt the next step but pulled up short, the levels are great but beg for 4-5 different routes throug...

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