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Best ME3 DLC! 0

The Citadel DLC is perfect. It was not a waste of my $15. Every Mass Effect fan will buy this dlc. It is like a group goodbye hug. This dlc gave me the laughs. My favorite squadmate is Javik. Wrex, one of the best guys is seen (if the genophage is cured and if he lives). The dlc consists of two parts: the first part involves id theft by an unknown person. The second part can let people party with favorite characters and play arcade games. One of my favorite scenes was Blasto! "This one wishes he...

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Best DC comics game. 0

I would recommend this instead of Mortal Kombat because I don't like gory stuff. My favorite character is Batman. I hope there is more than 4 dlc characters. It is confirmed Lobo will be the first dlc character. I hope there is a sequel to Injustice....

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Best Tak game 0

In this Tak game, it had awesome features. Multiplayer, Dream World and shapeshifting. It was very humorous. Great voice acting and it is the BEST Tak game. The Staff of Dreams also shows a plot twist. (SPOILER ALERT) Making juju potions and going to different worlds are a great mix....

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