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Mark of the Ninja Review (Death's Door Prods Review) 0

THIS REVIEW WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON DEATHSDOORPRODS.COMStealth games and I have a sordid history together. I first tried to get into the genre with games like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, and Hitman 2, but they never really did anything for me. I could get through a level with a FAQ or something but I never felt like I was accomplishing anything. I was just following an instruction manual to get to the end. But over the past few I’ve started to come back to the genre. With games like Assass...

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PAYDAY: The Heist Review (Death's Door Review) 0

The idea of this game is actually a pretty cool one: Take the Left 4 Dead style of gameplay (i.e., four player co-op FPS) and put it into a bank robber aesthetic. It has that really nostalgic built in appeal of playing Cops and Robbers when you were younger. Unfortunately, the game itself is not that great.As I said above, PAYDAY is a co-op focused four player multiplayer shooter. During the six different heists you have to pull off with your team, you will play as one of four guys: Dallas (Amer...

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Shouldn't You Guys Be Attacking Ethan Thomas? (Death's Door) 0

 Well that's a terrible place to put a swing   Probably since 1997, Monolith has shown it can make a good first person horror game. Over the last 5 years they have really been showing us with the Condemned and F.E.A.R. series, mixing pretty decent first person action with games that are actually atmospheric and scary. This talent continues to be shown in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. Starting just before the end of F.E.A.R. the player is put in control of Michael Becket, a member of Del...

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'Splosions, t-bone steaks, and donuts.... what's not to like? 0

    'Splosion Man is a 2.5D platformer for XBLA, developed by Twisted Pixel. This is their second game and they don't disappoint. The game has a very, very loose story that is told over 50 insane, stress inducing, hair pulling-ly difficult levels. Basically, you are 'Splosion Man, a failed science experiment resulting in a man made of 'splosions. The entire game revolves around you blowing shit up and eating cakes, the only collectible in the game. It takes place in three different science cent...

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Goofy kicks ass!! 0

When I first heard that the guys who made Final Fantasy and Disney were making a game, I was a little weary of the concept. Disney movies had started to slowly decrease in quality as the years had gone on (and as they had stolen more souls), and I was never really a fan of RPGs, so when I bought this game on a whim I was pleasantly surprised. Kingdom Hearts is an action role-playing game from Square and Disney. The story follows Sora, the player character, Donald Duck, your parties mage, and Goo...

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Don't you just hate it when you lose your ass? 0

Prince of Persia is the latest game in the long running Prince of Persia series. The story follows the new Prince (time control not included) as he tries to restore the land to its former glory after being corrupted by Ahriman, the god of darkness. He does this with the help Elika, a magical princess who's father was the one who released Ahriman from his prison. When you do heal the lands, it's kind of a Flower effect. The scenery goes from these colorless, bland places to bright, vibrant landsc...

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Sly Cooper could kick Nathan Drake's ass (honourably, of course) 0

Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves is the third installment in Sucker Punch's Sly Cooper franchise, and arguably the best so far. This game takes a different story approach then the previous games. In Sly 1 and 2, the story structure has been "oh shit, some people stole something, let's steal it back," which worked, but they could've changed it a little for the sequel. In this one however, instead stealing something back, you're performing tasks which involve stealing to recruit other thieves into your...

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A little shocked this wasn't a rhythm game, but I still liked it. 0

Sly 2: Band of Thieves is the second game in Sucker Punch's Sly Cooper franchise. Picking up a little while after the first game, the game starts with Sly, Bentley and Murray breaking into a museum to steal back the Clockwerk parts, only to be ambushed by Inspector Fox and her new partner Constable Neyla and to realize that somebody all ready stole the parts. You quickly learn that a criminal group called the Klaww Gang stole them and set off to steal them back and destroy them. Sucker Punch cle...

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Where the f*ck is a goddamned horseshoe?? 0

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is a third-person platformer developed by Sucker Punch, the people who would later bring you inFamous. In the game, you take control of Sly Cooper, a raccoon thief and the last of the Cooper clan, a family of master thieves. The story goes as follows: When Sly was a young lad, a group of people calling themselves the Fiendish Five broke into his house, killed his family and stole the Thievius Raccoonus, the Cooper Clan's tome of thieving. After that, Sly is ...

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First game I bought for 360: I made a wise choice 0

Shadow Complex is 2.5D sidescrolling shooter released on XBLA a while ago. The game is a tie-in to Orson Scott Card's 2006 novel Empire, which takes place in the not-so-distance future after America has fallen into civil after the assassination of the President and Vice-President. The game starts out with you taking control of Dallas, an abilit-ease character from some yet to be named government outfit who is there to show you what you can expect in terms of later equipment, blow up a chopper, s...

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Brutally awesome, but Brutally short 0

God of War: Chains of Olympus is a PSP exclusive prequel to the critically acclaimed PS2 game God of War. Once again, players take up the mantle of Kratos, the notorious Ghost of Sparta, during the early years of his service to the gods. The main story of the game is that Helios, the god of the sun, is knocked from sky and Morpheus, the god of dreams, is slowly taking over the land. So, the gods task Kratos with returning Helios and his chariot to their rightful place. But as the story progresse...

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