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Just finished it a second ago. Overall I think it was a really great game, just a bit more explanation of stuff story wise would have been helpful.

Was it ever explained why the Covenant were even at Requiem and going all 'gung ho' on a badly damaged UNSC ship? Are the Humans and Covenant at war again? Was it just a rouge group? I think I remember a brief statement where either Chief or Cortana asks why they're attacking because they thought they had a truce and the other replys that 'a lot can happen in 4 years' and then the Didact brainwashes them or something so then they all fight for him and it's never mentioned again.

The Librarian cutscene was a little wtf but like the OP said it gets a bit clearer when you see the composer in action, which brings me to my next point. The composer was being fired at earth for quite a while surely there would of been at least a few casualties? But its never mentioned. And if the composer is meant to turn humans in prometheans why did it face melt those scientists on that facility near the other halo ring?

Im sure there are some other things I was unsure of but that'll do for now.

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The Magneto/Xorn retcon off the back of Grant Morrisons New X-Men run. Not only was it a big fuck you to the readers, it was a massive fuck you to Grant Morrison who'd just spent like the last 40 issues or so setting that up.

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@Pinworm45 said:
"I don't have that much faith in them. I fully expect more god / devil analogies, and I fully expect them to pull a battlestar where you're watching the finale, waiting for the clever twist that will make it all make sense but then.. nope.. angels and god.  I'll gladly be proven wrong, though.. "
 Lost is, and always has been filled with bible references, heaven/hell analogies, characters being compared to people from the bible, god/devil figures etc... i don't know why your so surprised that someone on the show would compare the island to hell.
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Everyones telling him to get it on Games on Demand, buuttt, he's said he hasn't got a big enough hardrive, and plus, all the games on demand stuff is really overpriced. 
Anyway, i'd say your best bet finding it would be to just search the net, ebay, amazon, places like that, and you'll find it pretty cheap, good luck searching :)
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I'd say yes, they're excellent consoles with a large back catalogue of great games. Plus, if i remember correctly, Sony said there wouldn't be another price drop this year, so go for it :D 
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It still has DS in the name, it's a working title i know, but Nintendo have produced 4 reincarnations of the original DS so it seems a little sureal that they're finally creating a new generation of handheld consoles.
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Right, so, lemme get this straight... this is a NEW system, not just another re-make of the original DS?
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As much as i'm a Cyndaquill fan.. I think i'm gona go for Totodile, because (if memory serves me correctly)  feraligatr kicks ass  =D.
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Nintendo = Fail (one up from Epic Fail due Mairo Galaxy 2, though im still abit scepticle, cos it seems to soon to announce another nintendo game)

Sony = Epic Win (loved it, need a PS3 now adn i'll be very very happy =D ) 

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I've linked my WoW account and xbox live but cant see any of my achievements :'(, anyone no what went wrong?