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Yeah, I thought that was the case. If it was just some positional stuff, I wouldn't have bothered posting, but the menu hovers misfiring is irritating to say the least.

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@Brandon: It's somewhat jacked in IE9 (which I'm stuck with at work).

The general layout issue isn't the big problem though. The real issue is that the menu hovers activate if the cursor is anywhere within the area where the menu would appear.

This means that if I try to watch any of the site's videos, I can't click play as the forum menu activates and obscures it.

I can work around that by resizing into the mobile view first, but wondered if this was fixable.

EDIT: Playing with it some more, the forum menu takes focus when I'm trying to select any of the profile dropdown - meaning, I can't switch styles or log out.

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Return the replies tab please. Replies now use up too much screen real-estate, and when you've got a fast-moving chat going, it quickly becomes impossible to follow.

(Glad to see greater browser support with the code rewrite though)

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Just to update, this seems to have fixed itself for me at least, with the CBS Care advert loading at those times.

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I've been having this problem for the past fortnight or so, but it does seem to have worsened. I was thinking it was related to the adverts being served (I'd have more success with videos playing if they were prefaced by the contrejour.ie advert), but if paid members are also affected, that scrubs that idea.

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@Yanngc33 said:
Aren't they for the new DLC, hope thingy?

Honest Hearts, yeah. It releases tomorrow.

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@Count_Zero said:
"@Ewalk said:
" Mine still aren't updating :( And it's driving me insane! It updates the game I've played, but not my achievements. "
I'm having the same problem. I also tried re-syncing my Xbox Live account information (by deleting the account and re-adding it), but it's now it's somehow unable to scrape information from Xbox Live. I don't know if that helps. "

Yeah, I tried that myself and am now sat at #6890 in the queue, having gone up 400 spots since this time yesterday.  At that speed, it'll finally resync my account in 2.5 weeks, which doesn't sound good.
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@gpbmike said:
"This should be fixed now. Cheers. "

Looking good. Thanks Mike.
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You can get around the issue using IE8's developer tools to 'step over' the javascript error.
Suggesting people just switch to another browser is ridiculous though; in some circumstances that just isn't possible.
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Doesn't interest me in the slightest.