A brief post about Ryan.

There isn't much to say which hasn't already been said, but I felt the need to put down a few of my thoughts about Ryan Davis.

I discovered Giant Bomb back in 2009 and I have visited it nearly every day since. I’ve watched and listened to countless hours of coverage featuring Ryan and the gang - Jeff, Brad, Vinny, Patrick, et al.

Even though I didn’t know Ryan, I feel like I did. He was a larger than life personality who could make anything funny or thought-provoking. He was more than just a guy on the internet. He felt like a friend.

This morning, when I saw news of his passing, I cried.

I sat at my desk and openly wept for a man I had never met.

And as I checked around the internet, I saw that I was not alone. Thousands of fans and friends worldwide were sharing their grief for this remarkable man.

What comforts me right now is that all of the stories I saw about Ryan were happy, positive, and sometimes downright silly. He lived life with a joy I’ve not seen in many people.

The next few days, weeks, months, and years will be hard without him, but I’m pretty sure he’d want us to put away our sadness and remember the good times instead.

So, tonight I am wearing my China Don’t Care shirt, listening to some summer jams, and throwing away some pennies in Ryan’s honor.

Goodnight, sweet duder.


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Days 17 & 18

So, now that this concludes the 15 blogs I needed to get the Chaste Monk quest, I wonder what will pop up once I post this. Perhaps I will now be required to have 100 blogs. We shall see.

Days 15 & 16

SMT: Strange Journey makes me want to cry. I have been beaten by this boss at least 5 times. Guess I'll have to do some level-grinding before I give it another go. 
I switched over to Kirby: Canvas Curse, which was a very cute, fun way to take my mind off of battling demons. I knew that if I kept playing it, I'd stay up way past my bedtime, so hopefully I'll get to spend a few more minutes with it tonight. 
In other news, last night my kiddo found the first book of the Ace Attorney manga at Barnes & Noble. She's so obsessed, it's ridiculous (but also cute). 
Nearly done with lunch break, about to go into meeting. Yay, life.

Days 13 & 14

Finished Puzzle Agent 2 - what a wacky ending! That storyline went places I never imagined! Cant wait to see what else might be in store for Agent Tethers!
Started playing Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. Made the horrible error of dying in battle after going through like 20 mins worth of dialog. Thankfully I was able to breeze through those parts when I had to do them again, but then guess what happened? I freakin died AGAIN.
Finally I got wise to using my medicine and going back to the ship to save, but damn I feel like such an idiot for having such a steep learning curve with this game. Also, I think I'm stuck on a certain part - I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go or what to do. I'd like to think I'm smart enough to not need a walkthrough, but I'm truly baffled. Guess I'll give it a shot tonight before bed and see what happens.


Day 12

Very Sleepy. Nearly done with Puzzle Agent 2. The Hidden People are freaking me out.


Day 10

Listened to the Bombcast today, which was very good. Played more Puzzle Agent 2 - the story is starting to get really interesting!


Missed Day 8

For all the time I spent on here yesterday trying to do the quests, you'd think I'd have posted a blog. D'oh on me.

Day 7

Downloading the demo for Limbo now. Wonder why my Steam achievements don't show up here. Should look into that. I'm typing this in Rorschach's voice.