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Woah no way! I think that's Nolan North!

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@Mumrik said:
" Am I alone in feeling that it is in extremely bad taste to use actual footage of the North Korean leadership in this alternate reality setup? It's just not needed. I have a feeling a lot of people would have something to say if a North Korean game about the US invading China, Russia or Korea used real footage of Obama and Clinton in the promotional material. "
When you write a movie about Patrick Swayze kicking Soviet ass, you become too much of a badass to even care
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If you need to know how excited I am for this, please take a look at my avatar.

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@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
" God, this must be the most over-hyped, half broken game in history. "
Fable 1 + 2, and dare I say... Halo 3?!
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@GaspoweR said:
" Is Machiavelli a bad guy here? I'm confused now. "
Yea that's kinda strange, he should be a good guy, unless they jus let a huge spoiler out with a doublecross.
Historically though, Ubi dropped the ball, since Medici and Machiavelli hated each other. Medici even had men break Machiavelli's arms when the Medici took over the cities. The Prince was actually written as a sarcastic reference to the Medici's rule over Florence (check Cracked.com). So having Machiavelli on Ezio's and by association, Medici's side was kind of overlooking history a bit.
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There used to be a time when wrestling games were amazingly fun, but now all they care about in their CAW system and canned animations and are clunky as all hell.

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" Is it possible to recapture the magic of Rare's N64 classic? Activision hopes so."

Activision hopes so
Yea, it's gonna bite. They're gonna just play off nostalgia instead of doing anything meaningful to make the game good.
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That initial charge looked brutal, along with the cavalry charge which looks so much better than any of the previous incantations'. I'd love to try this out, but Im sure my rig wont be able to handle it. Well it's back to Medieval 2 for me :/

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Gah no references to the classic German Film makes me sad

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When that beep when off I thought it was my microwave downstairs :P