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Loadnation racers 0

its as fun as kart racing get build and share big or small but the load time are long my god are they long  ...

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Love Xenosaga 0

Man i love Xenosaga, originally meant to be a 6 episode game but cut to 3 is sad to say that the game ended so quickly, the RPG elements are classic and nothing new is seen but the story is a good one and a grate game to play 40 plus hour of joy to any that will open there hearts to this game. ...

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Not so Singularity 0

I love this game its something to get your mind of, After playing call of duty this game is a fresh breath of air the story is nice, and the guns are better one of them lets you control the bullet, its what Wanted should have been lol but never the less  this is a nice game to play, the multy-player is a good addition but will only grab your attention for some time over all its a rent  ...

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StarCrack 2 0

what can i say about a game that merges million on people around the world and brings RTS fans to there knees.  nothing that what this is a must have if you know the name you know the reason grate CG and excellent game play a must for any RTS lover, get ready to spend countless hour playing this game online with a new battle-net and a nice ranking system this is sure to use your time and have you  begging for more ...

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Madden madness 0

Madden was established it self as a big part of sport football game and is king for a reason its is always evolving and change with the time weather it be platforms or new innovation in game play madden 11 is a game any one can easy understand and play in minutes its new play flow system makes it so that the action is never slowed down. this is a must for any madden fan and if your just getting into the series this is the one to get....

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Kane & Sick 0

wow just wow this game dose nothing for the 3rd person shooter what can i say about a game that is not that good, Kane and Lynch trys to sell you a story but ends up failing if you have played part one then do not waist you time with this one its more of a rent then a buy ...

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Monday Night Addiction 0

Monday Night Combat is a game that allot of people can get addicted to with its fast pace and class selection system its gives TF2 a run for its money but they only thing holding it back is the lack of customization. But never the less if you played TF2 and are looking for something new and fun MNC is it a cross of tower defense and 3rd person shooting MNC is sure to hold your attention for some time....

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Tomb diablo 0

this installment in the series is a nice addition to the game franchise it add a nice new perspective and a fun and new way to play tomb raider, the game play is fun and addictive and with its co-op you and your friend will enjoy a few hour of game play, the story is a little lacking and most of the puzzles are not that hard over all the game is a blast that is most enjoyed with some one else....

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Other M 3

 like many games Metroid Other M dose not follow its other counter parts in the series. and take a chance with a new pace and gives a nice back story to Samus Aran, giving her a more human like state that  any Metroid fan can love/Hate, with beautiful CG cut seen and excellent game play Metroid other M is a must have for the Wii. if you are looking for a game to play and have fun on the Wii. wait no more ..........some advice when in first person view make sure you are far away from enemy's you ...

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