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I cannot think of anything really nerdy to do in Riga, but make sure to walk in the old part of the town. It is beautiful. I can, however, give you some food and drink recommendations.

If you want to eat something Latvian, then visit a place called Lido. It is a chain of restaurants in Latvia that serves traditional Latvian food and there a few in the center of Riga. If you want to try the best burger money can by in Riga, you should visit Street Burger. It will cost you about 8 EUR for a burger, drink and fries and the burger is just good....just so good. I also recommend a kebab joint Pakistan Kebab. It is a bit hard to find, but it is near the central train station and they sell, what I think, are the best kebabs in the city.

For drinks you should go to a folk club "Ala" or Cave in English. They have the best selection of beer in the country and you can get there some of the more hard to find beers. If you want try something interesting tasting, ask for honey beer, hemp beer or cranberry beer. If you want something more traditional, ask for Brenguļu Beer or Valmiermuižas Beer. Those are some of the best beers I have tasted and both have a dark and light version (Brenguļu dark is a God's gift to us, puny mortals). Just make sure to visit it early in the evening, it can get very crowded. And there are plenty of regular ass nightclubs to be found, if you want to go that rout.

If you want, I can meet you in Riga and show you some of the places I talked about.

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Well I am Latvian and live near Riga. Can try to help out with visiting our capital. How long will you be there?

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134 Million of the moneys. American kind.

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Nice to hear things are working out for you. Also, Lina is one of my favorite characters to play in Dota.

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Welcome, duder. Hope you will have fun here. :)

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Hold on, duder. We all wish you the best.

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@spacekatgal: Hey, I am sorry hear you have been a victim of abuse and hatred. I am also sorry for any asshole who attacked you and called himself/herself to be a part of a Giant Bomb community. I am a proud user of this site and I do think it has one of the most awesome editorial teams and communities to be found on the internet. So it is sad to see people doing terrible things and say they are a part of GB. But, everything will have some bad aspects to it, right? But, as Jeff said in a post some time ago, any jerk who does horrible stuff and says they represent Giant Bomb are in no way representing what this site stands for. Anyway, I wish you the very best and hope we all come out of this better then we started.

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I have a question. I will be a part of an League of Legends tournament organized by a community of players of one of the biggest universities in Latvia. I will be commentating the whole event and I might get the guys who are setting this thing up to be a part of GB team for Extra Life. Yet we will not be able to do it for 24 hours and I doubt I will be able of making up for the remaining time on my own. Is still cool if we take part in this event for about 8 hours, if I can get the Latvian side to agree?

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Best of luck, duder. This site could not be the awesome thing it is without you.

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