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Hold on, duder. We all wish you the best.

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@spacekatgal: Hey, I am sorry hear you have been a victim of abuse and hatred. I am also sorry for any asshole who attacked you and called himself/herself to be a part of a Giant Bomb community. I am a proud user of this site and I do think it has one of the most awesome editorial teams and communities to be found on the internet. So it is sad to see people doing terrible things and say they are a part of GB. But, everything will have some bad aspects to it, right? But, as Jeff said in a post some time ago, any jerk who does horrible stuff and says they represent Giant Bomb are in no way representing what this site stands for. Anyway, I wish you the very best and hope we all come out of this better then we started.

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I have a question. I will be a part of an League of Legends tournament organized by a community of players of one of the biggest universities in Latvia. I will be commentating the whole event and I might get the guys who are setting this thing up to be a part of GB team for Extra Life. Yet we will not be able to do it for 24 hours and I doubt I will be able of making up for the remaining time on my own. Is still cool if we take part in this event for about 8 hours, if I can get the Latvian side to agree?

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Best of luck, duder. This site could not be the awesome thing it is without you.

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Nice to see that, while you did not get the job, it still helped you. Good luck, duder.

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Gotta be honest, I am a bit surprised I am the only Latvian on that map.

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@amyggen: Thanks, duder. Just play arena as much as you can and, if you are good at it, you can get a lot of cards that way.

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@c0v3rt: The typical UTH hunter with Starving Buzzards, Timber Wolfs, lots of traps etc. I don't see hunters a lot, but when I do, that is the deck that is played. I do wonder why you see so much control warrior. I assume you are playing on the NA servers, while I am European myself and have not seen such big warrior popularity in it. Without any real data it is hard to come up with a reason, so I would suggest to keep a track on the games you play and just make a little table of numbers like I did. For example, I have not noticed before such huge popularity in druid decks before I started counting my wins and loses.

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I would love to have someone to play against from time to time. My battle ID: dantey#2310 Europe