It begins...

So I figured that I might as well right a short little blog post while my ginormous list of submits is waiting to get accepted, or canned.
I've got to say that I was fearing for the worst when Jeff and Ryan first started on the Giant Bomb. I was afraid it would turn out to be just another videogame website.
Little did I know that their idea would be this amazingly brilliant. I'm absolutely in awe with the site thusfar. My only gripe is crazy amount of time that it takes for a sub to get accepted.
Then again, I don't think the Giant Bomb crew was expecting over 11.000(!) members in 3 days. So massive thumbs up guys!

Other than just my random thoughts I'll probably use this blog space to talk about what I've been playing etc..

Now playing:
Mass Effect - Xbox360
Elevators are a bitch...

Waiting for:
My 1 month ban from NeoGAF to be lifted (5 more days).
My subs to be accepted

Listening to:
Editors - An end has a start