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I guess every platform has their Driveclub.

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WELL....that was...something...


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Well, I plan on trying out the PS+ edition first before picking this up. Reviews are...mixed, at best. Still, go ahead and me to the club, since I doubt anyone on my friends list will be playing this.

PSN: darkjester74

Also, does anyone else think its bonkers they limited clubs to 6 people?

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Something else to note, these are games are on sale every 2 weeks on the eShop. If you can't decide or want more info, don't worry about missing the sale. There'll be another next month. Maybe even cheaper.

Oh wow, had no idea. Thats great info, thanks!

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Hey duders...

I just recently got a 2DS and noticed there is a sale on Atlus games on the eShop. I'm a big Persona fan (loved P3P and P4G, also enjoyed P4A). I enjoyed the battle system, but my favorite parts of those games are the stories and characters. Was wondering if I would enjoy the SMT games that are on sale. Those are:

  • SMT IV
  • SMT Devil Summoner Overclocked
  • SMT Devil Summoner Soul Hackers

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hey guys! Just requested to join NA East.

I'm on PS4, PSN name is darkjester74


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Hey guys, here are a couple more US PS4 codes for you. Just reply to this post so I know you grabbed it.



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Cool idea, I sent a join request as darkjester74 :)

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That was beautiful and heartfelt Patrick, thank you so much for sharing!

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Just fired up FFT:War of the Lions and looking through the tutorial, it has to be one of the deepest and longest tutorials Ive seen in a while. It is doing a good job of explaining the mechanics so far, and the quick help function seems useful.

Disgaea seems kinda wacky, which has me somewhat interested, along with the item world mechanic. Should I just start with the latest one, or do I need to play the earlier ones first?