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You guys are all crazy, it's probably one of the best places to meet your significant other. Studies have shown that the most successful marriages are with people who met at work. This is mainly because when you work with someone for a couple years you know their true personality. Many people who are on a date aren't being true to themselves and are just trying to impress their date, even if subconsciously.

I met mine at my job and everything has worked out perfect. You should never give up the chance to be happy with someone just because you're afraid of awkward situations at work. Awkward situations get easier. Being single forever never gets easier.

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I have been a fan of this site for a long time and I love so many aspects about it. The main crew and the Bombcast are probably the biggest draw of the site, hands down. Patrick and Alex are fine individuals and they do good work when it's needed. But lately I feel like 80% of the content that comes out of the site is from these guys in the form of Spookin' with Scoops, Bombin the AM, Quicklook: Solo, Worth Reading(which is generally okay), and now random impromptu podcasts between the two of them covering breaking news. I see more Patrick content than anything on the site nowadays.

I kind of miss how news like this would be discussed organically on the Bombcast every week between the whole crew. I mean I like Patrick and all, but I don't come to this site to hear his(and Alex's) opinion on every single issue that comes up in the gaming world. I come here to hear the whole crew's opinion/banter on issues like this. It feels like they're being short-changed when Patrick immediately puts up content dissecting every aspect of the issue and makes it feel less organic.

I really wish we would get back to basics here but I may just be over-reacting. If I am, just ignore this thread and move along.

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Adding page 5 and 6. Let's keep going!

FC: 4012 - 5261 - 0183

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FC - 4012 - 5261 - 0183

adding as many as I can, from this page and beyond

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I bought this game a while ago but got distracted with other games the past couple months. I've been leveling solo for the most part and want to get in on some guild action. I'm a huge fan of the bombcast and love the community here. When I purchased the game I made sure to make characters on Yak's Bend so I could be with everyone here, but I guess with guesting that's not really an issue.

My username is Darkstar.2874

I look forward to seeing everyone in game!

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I can't even comprehend this still...

One of the only downfalls to having the guys make this site so personal and about the editors, is that you feel like they're your friends you talk to on a daily basis. This is heartbreaking..

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I used to like Kotaku back when Crecente and Totillo did more than just administration and actually wrote articles. Now it seems like it's just 3 or 4 guys from the UK (like Luke) writing every piece and most articles seem really uninspired. Get that British grammar out of there!

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It seems pretty well refined at this point. It's a lot of fun in small bursts for me. Extended plays don't seem to do it for me though.

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Some are kind of boring where they do that feature list rundown, but they don't seem that frequent.

Quick looks EX I don't bother with at all because of how it's basically just a developer walkthrough. How are you supposed to know how intuitive a game is if the person playing it already knows exactly how to play it the right way? Is the game going to tell the player how to effectively play the game? you won't know because the dev is playing it exactly how they want you to see it.