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Quite simply the best racing game ever made! 0

   Nowdays there are two racing games series which are really worthy to be called "car racing games". One is SimBin's GTR/ Race series. The other one was the Colin McRae series, property of Codemasters. After Colin McRae died last year, it was obvious that DiRT, the new Colin McRae game, would also be the last. So that's how an extreamly successful & great racing series had ended. The big surprise was Need for Speed ProStreet turn into a solit & enjoyable racing sim,& then I said tha...

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Once upon a night, in a creepy deserted dark building... 0

   So do you like dark, deserted places? With all those objects & walls falling apart? With blood spilled all over & strange noises coming from all directions? Did you ever dream to beat up someone to death with a water pipe or a desktop? Did you ever dream to rip apart somebody's jaw with your bare hands? Did you enjoy F.E.A.R? If you answer "Hell yeah" to most of those questions, than it means Condemned-Criminal Origins is the perfect game for you. Let me explain... Story:9/10   You're...

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The perfect example of a great bad game! 0

After experiencing a couple of great games,you will feel the need to play a bad game.I love bad games.They're bad,but being bad makes them really funny.You'll laugh at the bugs,you'll take funny screenshots & you'll also have a good laugh with your friends about that "epic game I rated 2.0 " .I didn't hear about Big Rigs untill last year. A 1.0 rated game at Gamespot, 0.3 Critic Rating ,& a very cool video review by Alex Navarro.Than I said: "I must get this game,no matter what!" .A hard...

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It's fun,& it's got Kennedy!! 0

Hey look,the United States presidential elections are this November.What do you think about that.Would you like Obama to win,or you'd rather see McCain as president?What if Bush could participate again?But wait,how about Abraham Lincoln?George Washington?Did I catch your interest? on then.The Political Machine 2008 is an excellent TBS (Turn-Based Strategy game) based on this year's elections.You'll get to do a lot of crazy things (which the candidates really do to win,then at the elec...

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Bloody,'s AWESOME!!! 0

No matter which genre of games we like the most,be it strategies,sport sims,driving sims or role playing games,we each feel sometimes the need to shoot & kill.A game to kill our anger.There are two types of cathegories games of this type are divised in.One of them contains Painkiller,Serious Sam & Will Rock.The other gathegory is Gears of War.Gears of War probably needs no introduction,being the most popular game on X360 for a long time.But we all know that its exclusivity for the 360 is...

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Stunning graphics,unique experience! 0

Four years ago,back in 2004, Ubisoft & Crytek brought us FarCry,a virtually stunning FPS, maybe the best FPS experience 'till Half Life 2.The game started quite normal,with some mercenaries to shoot in a superbly designed jungle & environments.By half of it the genetically mutated humans & monkeys started to appear,dragging us into the not so good part of FarCry, the SF part (& quite thrilling also).Well, Crytek was bought by EA & in early 2006 they announced Crysis,catalogue...

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Oblivion is a really great RPG,but with a few issues as well. 0

 want to make things clear from the beggining:the only Elder Scrolls game I had played before Oblivion was Morrowind.My experience with that games was about 1 hour.I mean,I can't say it wasn't a great game,considering the fact that it was released in 2002,but I didn't like it at all,it didn't sucked me in it at all.Maybe I wasn't the adept of an open-ended game, having played & replayed both Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games,which gave a sense of freedom,but not exactly.To make thi...

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It could have been such a legend... 0

For some unknown reason,there are not many games featuring the Holy Land in the time of the crusades.Maybe religious reasons,maybe not,but the certain thing is that Ubisoft announced back in 2006 that they were working on a stealth action game placed in the Holy Land,& also showed us an awesome trailer.I was happy too about it,but when I saw that the producer was Jade Raymond...a girl,I started know,sceptical about the game.The concept would mix elements from the Hitman ,Splinter...

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The best game in the last 6 years! 0

I always dream of space;of what's out there.Surely,there's somebody else out there.We can't possibly be the only living things in the Universe.But our technology advances fast,& if somebody doesn't get to us soon,maybe we'll get to them.That's what happened in Mass Effect.Well,in year 2148,humanity has descovered on Mars a constuction of alien origin.After numerous studies,it was discovered that it was in fact built by the Protheans,an extinct race which disappeared over 50000 years ago.8 ye...

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