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I've been using 'The Walk' recently. It's great!

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Hello. I'm in a band. We have a competition. I know some of you might actually have a good chance of winning. I designed a t-shirt that I'm pretty happy with and I'm going to pop it to one lucky person. All the information you need is RIGHT HERE! Ends tomorrow! Enter worldwide! Involves retro stuff!!

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I don't think I'm okay with posting a comment directly from the community. Aren't you opening that person up to a world of bullying? Yes, maybe that person needs a drastic viewpoint change- but was that the right way of doing it?

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I played this game in Oakland today. Yup, it's utterly terrifying!

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I am in Vegas and this place is bananas. I just ate a Reuben sandwich. It was pretty great.

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Awesome - I'll be sure to seek them out!

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@SathingtonWaltz said:

@EpicSteve said:

San Francisco is easily the weirdest place I've ever been.

Same here, except for Berkeley. Head down to Telegraph and you can always meet some strange people. Last time I was there I met these two teenage dudes carrying around some bags of garbage and eating food out of it. They weren't wearing shoes either.

Sounds a bit like Cambridge actually. Had some dude walk down the street in a three piece suit and a milk carton strapped to his head.

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So San Francisco is bad burrito poo and wee curry breath weird town... Awesome! Where should I drink?

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Wee & Poo?! AT THE SAME TIME?!?!