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I'm glad somebody finally said it.

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I still catch myself thinking "I wonder when Ryan is coming back?" And then it all dawns on me again. Hope you are in a better place.

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Jason Rohrer dreams of a day when every game is $80 and there is an assault rifle in every house.

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I just realized how much I'm going to miss him. It isn't fair.

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So sad. Rest in peace Ryan and thanks for all the amazing memories.

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The only thing I worry about is this would probably the last time we see the guys as game journalists. Jeff was already getting offers to do inside reviews for game companies and Vinny and Drew are so talented at what they do that they could easily transition to cbs broadcasting.

I'm not saying the end is coming, but enjoy it while it lasts.

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Was there ever any quick looks that had to be taken down? I heard that there used to be a lost & damned quick look.

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I haven't played since 2011 but I would totally love a resurrection spell.

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Almost the entire cast of The Dark Knight was in it.