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I guess I just dont' understand the gaming industry as much as I thought. Seems like, to me, that a huge % of us are now over 25 and would LOVE these old school games. Also, seems to me that series like Resident Evil sell more on their old reputation than any kind of new age marketing and or gameplay. I am guessing of the 5 million or so that bought RE6.....around 4 milllion of those (at least) just bought it because it was a RE game...no matter what it was like. And I am guessing that a huge % of those 4 million would have liked it better if it was "old school".

I wouldn't even mind something totally new. Maybe something with a Dark Souls style camera but some of the clumsiness and real life awkwardness that fighting zombies would probably have. Maybe the old pre-rendered environments but with some cool zooming features, and polished controls.

I also agree the waters could be tested with a smaller released downloadable style game.

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Resident Evil 6 sold 5.2 million copies in it's first year and RE5 has sold something like 7 million. There's a reason they haven't gone back to the old style games and that's because the new style is hugely successful for them. I would love to see them do a new old-school RE game, but there just isn't any plausible reason for them to take that chance.

So do you really believe people are buying the new games because of the style? or because of the name?

IMO, it's the name....all these people buy it because they are old school gamers who want to love the series and then they hate the new games (for the most part).

I think the same amount of people would buy the game I described but more would love it. I'm not saying keep it exactly the same. They could tweak a lot of the controls and things of that nature....but just bring back the actual survival horror vibe.

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Why can't CAPCOM simply realize that if they made a game LIKE the old school pre-rendered environment RE games but with today's smoother graphics....it would be an amazing hit.

Think how giant the world could be with Blu ray technology. A game like RE2 but with 4 times the size and scope.

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I wouldn't mind the combat mechanics changing but I LOVED the micromanagment inventory system of the first game. Hate the way it is streamlined in 2 and 3.

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How can anyone NOT like Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age?

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who you got? and why?

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When I do this does it convert the game to a "regular campaign" or is it still an online campaign.
Lemme give you a scenario. Say a start an online campaign from the beginning (another guy hosting) and we make it to the second chapter and he quits.
Can I play on later from that chapter AS the host? or does it have to be converted on a regular offline campaign?

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can't imagine the amount and quality of PC games being pumped out can even come close to consoles...but I don't follow the market very well.

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I see your point concerning Doug.....but one makes the choice at the end of episode 1 and would not KNOW that Doug could reverse engineer stuff like at the fence.

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How could anyone possibly choose Doug over Carley? First off....she knew about Lee being a murderer and didn't tell.....second off she is really hot and seems desperate (her liking of Doug), and thirdly she is the best "gun" in the group in the first two episodes.........I see a comparison between Carly and Andrea on the TV show. The only thing that Doug possibly seemed to have in episode 1 ( I chose Carley ) is some slight technology understanding..

Anyway...just my points.

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