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Posted by DBoy
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No way....
Congrats on the nephew

Posted by DBoy
@Pessh: It's a niece... but thanks anyway. :P
Posted by Dion720

Nice to see you back man ..Great Video =)

Posted by JonnyAvacado

Good to see you back brother...Glad you fixed your camera for more D-Boy's Den.  Unfortunately until I fix my broken motivation to do more video blogs, I probably won't do one.  But who knows!  Keep em coming man!

Posted by Gearhead

I watched this while eating a muffin for breakfast. 
It was good.

Posted by DBoy
@Gearhead: The video or the muffin? :P 
@JonnyAvacado: @Dion720:  Thanks guys!
Posted by Darro

Watched it the other day.  Forgot to leave a comment.  I should get back into doing some but since I dont have the urge to do so, I won't bother (at least until I move into the new home next week hopefully).  Good as usual.