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Posted by DBoy

I actually completed The Maw just a couple of minutes ago.  Short game, but still pretty sweet.
Anyway, enjoy.
Posted by Vod_Crack

Great video blog as always. Funny mistake at around 3:27? 30 Minutes? lol

Posted by JonnyAvacado

Awesome stuff Denis...I did subscribe last week, so I am officially on EndSights!!  I absolutely agree with your opinions about the oscars and your current movie backlog.  There are a alot of movies that I definitely need to see, being the movie buff that I am, some of those are required watching.  Keep em coming buddy, the whole family watched this DBoy's Den, its becoming tradition...haha

Posted by Darro

Enjoyable blog as always.  I might go see The Wrestler in the cinema next week since its a film that interests me. 

Posted by HairyMike87

Nice informative blog. I really enjoyed the Dead Space demo but I probably couldn't see myself playing a whole game like that because I get scared really easily by certain things. I'm glad to hear that The Maw was a good game but I agree that the game doesn't have a whole lot going for it to be worth $10 bucks. Would you say that the game has a high replay value?

Posted by ElectricHaggis

Great blog.  The Maw looks kind of funny, I don't know that I'll play it though.

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The Maw looks like a lot of fun, so I may have to pick that up.  Even if it is only 3 hours long, that's not a bad deal. Honestly,  I'd gladly purchase a $60 game that was only 18 hours long, with little-to-no replay value, if it was enjoyable.  I'd rather have a game end early, than wear out its welcome.

I really need to find the time to go see The Wrestler.  And I agree completely about Wall-E; it should've been nominated for Best Picture.  TDK was great and Ledger will win, but I'm not as upset about that one missing out on BP.  Wall-E was even better than the sum of its parts.

Posted by Ryu
Posted by temperedvortex

Great Blog but when do you ever make a blog thats not great? I should rent DeadSpace just because I thought the Demo was ok but I kept running out of ammo or I was too slow when switching weapons