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Posted by DBoy
The Rated R Return

Sorry Jericho, but the Champ is Here!

It was a great Survivor Series and a great weekend.

Oh, and how about one more champ?

The Roy of Kings

Posted by lordofultima

I'm sort of torn with this PPV, I'm half super-pumped because my exact prediction came true in the case of Edge, but Chris Jericho being my favorite wrestler of all time, I'm sort of sad. But I also figured Cena was being pushed too much publicly to have not won the title.

Posted by BraindeadRacr

Canadiens >.>


Posted by Gunner612
DBoy said:
The Rated R Return

Looks like something you would see at a trailer park. While guy with long hair draging his wife with a neck brace on around while smiling about something in his hand.
Posted by Brandy

Edge needs to shave...ugh. Oh, and yay for my boy! I was frantically refreshing one of those "live results" websites last night cause I couldn't wait for WWE.com to post it. :D

Posted by demonbear

Was fun to see Roy come back where he belongs. He was my childhood hero.

Posted by AndyWilliams24

How was Cena's first match back then? He improved at all?

Posted by Gearhead

So, how did the Hag's do against Boston, I missed the game?

Posted by Cube

Montreal FTL!

Posted by Darro

Did you expect Cena to lose in front of his hometown/state crowd? Hell no.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

Man, I haven't watched wrestling in years.  I should start watching it again.

Posted by demonbear
Gearhead said:
"So, how did the Hag's do against Boston, I missed the game?"
We lost it to Boston. Laraque went to Lucic for some payback but the kid got scared and looked away the whole game. Tough guy only in Boston apparantly. But hey, he'll have to face the music someday.
Posted by TekZero

Patrick Roy is the best goalie ever.