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My name is Dan and I am currently a student at Northeastern University in Boston.  I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and I'm in the class of 2011.  I am also a landscape photographer, and I have been published in the Boston Globe and National Geographic. 
As far as games go, I would consider myself to be semi-casual, at least compared to the standard audience of this website.  I try not to play very often because I have to focus on school as much as I can at this point in my schooling career. 
The only console I currently own is a PS3.  This was due to my desire to have a blu-ray player and the lack of money to own both consoles.  I have nothing against the 360, and I want one, but right now it's just not in the cards. 
My favorite game that I've played so far this generation is Burnout Paradise.  I'm a fan of arcade driving games in general and it really is a ton of fun to play.  I have all 500 online challenges done and the game done to 102% completion.  I have over 250 hours of playing time on it so far.  An honorable mention goes out to Infamous as well. 
My most "controversial" opinion so far this generation is that I just don't like Resistance 2.  I got a copy with the system and I couldn't finish the campaign.  I got maybe 1/3 of the way through and got very frustrated at all of the cheap deaths (seriously?  Invisible guys that sneak up on you?).  I'm also not a fan of shooters online, so that quickly got shelved and I haven't touched it since. 
Anyhow, I don't want to write a book in this space, so I'll leave it at that.