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I'm running a 660 Ti with everything on medium (except meshes, which are on ultra) at 1920x1200. Gameplay is pretty locked in at 60, cutscenes can get pretty chuggy but not terrible. You should be fine.

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Also Maddux.

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12700 rupees, 8 deaths. 4 of which were trying to get through that tower thing for the piece of heart, one was on the last boss because I didn't want to waste a potion on a bad run.

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Worst to first:

Have not seen: Ratatouille, Monsters U, Brave

11. Cars 2

10. Cars

9. A Bug's Life

8. Finding Nemo

7. Up

6. Toy Story 3

5. Monsters Inc

4. Wall-E

3. Toy Story 1

2. Toy Story 2

1. The Incredibles

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I would be totally happy with a 25-30 hour Persona 5 if it tells a good story along the way. Games longer than that are hard for me to finish these days, anyways.

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@yadilie: I actually really liked the risk/reward element of the racer career. Banking a huge stash of SP feels really good (my highest is about 260k, lost a stash of 560k yesterday).

Burnout: Paradise was my favorite game ever (I sunk ~300h into that game), so I'll follow Criterion and Criterion-derived games as long as they're made. For all of the problems with this one, I still had a lot of fun. I've played this one for 17h, just finished the cop career after finishing the racer career last night.

And, for what it's worth, I loved Hot Pursuit, and the online of Most Wanted (because it scratched that Burnout itch).

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@xanadu: I played through (most) of the PC version. It's deeply flawed, but I still had fun with it. It feels *rushed*, which makes some sense given what happened to the studio and the fact that they had to develop it for extra platforms. If they had another year, I bet the game would be amazing.

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@sarahsdad: There's a closing cutscene, which is just as ridiculous as the rest of the story. They open up the speedlists you don't choose for completion, which is nice.

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I always play normal as well. I very rarely go back to a game and play it on another difficulty unless I want the achievement.

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@dionysis: The handling feels really similar to what I remembered from Hot Pursuit (tap to drift, not hold), so I was able to pick it up pretty quickly.