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Also Maddux.

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12700 rupees, 8 deaths. 4 of which were trying to get through that tower thing for the piece of heart, one was on the last boss because I didn't want to waste a potion on a bad run.

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Worst to first:

Have not seen: Ratatouille, Monsters U, Brave

11. Cars 2

10. Cars

9. A Bug's Life

8. Finding Nemo

7. Up

6. Toy Story 3

5. Monsters Inc

4. Wall-E

3. Toy Story 1

2. Toy Story 2

1. The Incredibles

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I would be totally happy with a 25-30 hour Persona 5 if it tells a good story along the way. Games longer than that are hard for me to finish these days, anyways.

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@yadilie: I actually really liked the risk/reward element of the racer career. Banking a huge stash of SP feels really good (my highest is about 260k, lost a stash of 560k yesterday).

Burnout: Paradise was my favorite game ever (I sunk ~300h into that game), so I'll follow Criterion and Criterion-derived games as long as they're made. For all of the problems with this one, I still had a lot of fun. I've played this one for 17h, just finished the cop career after finishing the racer career last night.

And, for what it's worth, I loved Hot Pursuit, and the online of Most Wanted (because it scratched that Burnout itch).

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@xanadu: I played through (most) of the PC version. It's deeply flawed, but I still had fun with it. It feels *rushed*, which makes some sense given what happened to the studio and the fact that they had to develop it for extra platforms. If they had another year, I bet the game would be amazing.

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@sarahsdad: There's a closing cutscene, which is just as ridiculous as the rest of the story. They open up the speedlists you don't choose for completion, which is nice.

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I always play normal as well. I very rarely go back to a game and play it on another difficulty unless I want the achievement.

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@dionysis: The handling feels really similar to what I remembered from Hot Pursuit (tap to drift, not hold), so I was able to pick it up pretty quickly.

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@korwin: It isn't the best PC port in the world, but I'm still having fun with it and ultimately that's what I care about.