A sad realization

Hey, remember when PC gaming was dead? Remember when we used to tirelessly defend our platform of choice from anyone who'd dare attack it? Feeling that are own dignity and even identity were hurt? Oh yes, those were the days...... Oh wait! What's this? Another one of these threads? Why, there was just one a day ago! Well, off to feeling righteously indignant and try baiting those elitist pricks/dumb console kiddies with my sarcasm! Toodles!

Here's a funny thing: Fox News loves to, in their usual style, blatantly generalize and associate stereotypes with us "gamers." Well, aren't they just so darn evil? I remember how they categorized us violent, sadistic, sexually depraved, etc. How mean! I bet they don't even play games! How could they judge us?!

Today I came to a realization..... After reading one of those threads, I saw that the same people who love to generalize PC/Console gamers aren't much different than that of Fox News. In fact, they are worse because they actually play games. They should know better than to peddle that kind of bullshit.

I think that Fox News is a great metaphor to how fucking stupid our society is. They propagate the lies and the viewers are so gullible to not only accept everything as fact, but also puppet it themselves maybe even fighting for it.

Sad world we live in


Thoughts on PC gaming

I never understood why PC gaming has gotten sooooo much hate over the years 
Every week or so there has been a hate thread on something surrounding PC gaming 
It boggles my mind how much shit is thrown around in these threads 
Maybe I can be a little bit informative in this blog post than just ranting on some idiot flamer 
There has been a lot of misconceptions or, in general, arguments that should never be used to attack PC gaming- 
1. PC gaming is dying
As long as there are PC's, PC gaming will never die. NEVER. And there is reason for that. Everybody under the age of sixty owns a computer, and with this a market. Right now, were seeing an explosion of demand for simple, browser based games like farmville and such. As I can see, people are still playing the same MMO's they have been playing for 5 years. Free-to-play games like Company of heroes is now in production. Think of it as going in a different direction. You can still make the old PC gaming way is dying. But at some point everything old gets replaced doesn't it? Of course, you can always enjoy your old games on the PC. In general, the communities that have been formed over the years are very dedicated (hardcore) gamers I have ever seen and are always looking for new comers to play with.  
2. PC gaming is too expensive
Over the years, PC's has gotten more cost-efficient (more "bang for the buck") while console gaming has been getting more expensive. The new Xbox 360 costs 300 dollars and most 1080p TV's cost well over 400 dollars. Just last week, I built my new PC for 600 dollars (yes, it can run Crysis!) albeit with a lot of old PC parts from my last computer (things like the disk drive, monitor, accessories, and such) and along with some great info on ways saving money from Geno's thread. Anybody wanting to build a PC and saving a few hundred dollars go look at that thread. It really pains me to see this point being brought up again and again as it is more of a user based issue than a problem with PC gaming.
3. Piracy is rampant on the PC
It is; I am not disagreeing with that. But it is rampant on consoles too, it isn't exclusive to PC's. Piracy is a universal problem on any copyrighted software that will always be prevalent on any platform. Using this point against PC's is baseless. Let's get this straight, every time someone pirates a game it isn't a "lost profit." Most people who pirate are desperate and aren't cheap bastard freeloaders. Whether or not they deserve to play the game if they can't afford it is a different argument that I don't want to get to carried away with. 
I've primarily been a PC gamer for my entire life; I've owned a few consoles mainly for their exclusives which I very much enjoyed. 
I've always considered consoles to be "home arcades" joysticks included like the Atari 2600.  
Now I know that probably sounded elitist of me, but I'm not implying that game consoles are inferior to PC's.  
I loved going to the arcades as a kid with friends (some of the fondest memories in my childhood) so for me console gaming is much more of a social thing.  
One of the first things I do in any home parties, is checking out the games.  
I won't deny it if you think that's nerdy or pathetic...... 
This blog post has gone longer than I expected (a lot longer) 
Needed to get some things out of the back of my mind before I go to sleep (well past 1 A.M. in Chicago
 So for now I've hoped you enjoyed reading at least some of this 
And feel free to post your insights on what you thought of my thoughts :P


Don't dissapoint me again, please!

My main problem with the original Just Cause was the amount of boring and repetitive side missions 
The main story was about 6-8 hours long, making the game a good rental at best 
As performing insane hijackings and the mandatory "dicking around in a open-world game" gets old pretty quick
While the demo does not give a great impression of whether or not this still persists 
Hopefully, we don't see this plague Just Cause 2  
Other than that,  I can't wait to play the full version :D