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36156 Auto Modellista Game Overview Car list 100% complete. I believe all data is correct. Added exclusive cars to the US-Tuned version of the game. Also corrected certain car names such as the Mazda6. The car is actually called Mazda6, instead of just 6. 06/14/13 06:54AM 35 Approved
36153 Auto Modellista U.S.- tuned New Release 06/14/13 06:30AM 7 Approved
36152 Auto Modellista New Release 06/14/13 06:27AM 10 Approved
36140 Auto Modellista Game Overview I won this game, so I can confirm any information added. Here are the changes I've made: -Trivia section, mentioning the ability to add characters from other capcom games as stickers. -Car list update. I found the list to be incomplete and incorrect in some cases. I have accidentally hit the SAVE button, so I will need to enter edit mode once more to finish completing the list. The main changes in this list is mentioning the difference between the original and US-Tuned versions of the game 06/14/13 05:17AM 95 Approved