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Breaching Mediocrity 3

     To start off with, I have not played the first Rainbow Six: Vegas, and I am reviewing this on the Playstation 3, which is [so I hear] the inferior of the trio. Alright moving on.     Let's start with the graphics. Not particularly impressed. A fair amount of 'jaggies' probably due to the inability of the Playstation 3 to produce any real sort of Anti-Aliasing. That aside however, the graphics were still quite mediocre. The weapons often felt misshaped and had a 'clunky' appearance, and the ...

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Rocket Jumping to Victory 2

First thing noticeable about Team Fortress 2 is the visual art style. Derivation from 1950's and 60's advertising automatically centers this game around the rare category of quirky and unique themed games this generation. Where squad based realistic shooters dominate the market, TF2 is an oasis in this time of need. Don't let the name fool you however, the games Fortresses take a backseat to the classes. There's no shortage of abundance as you take control of nine highly unique classes across t...

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