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Posted by canucks23

If backwards compatibility was all you cared about... why would you care about the ps4 at all? If you just want to play ps3/ps2 games then wouldn't fixing that 60gb be the much cheaper option anyways? Or you could go buy a $50 used ps2 from a pawn shop or something.

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I can see why you would want backwards compatibility. Unfortunately you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

Posted by HaltIamReptar

The title of this thread is dumb. You have PS3s that are compatible with PS3 games.

Posted by Cloudenvy

I hope you realize that what you've written makes no sense at all.

Posted by TheGreatGuero

Backwards compatibility is overrated. It's a cool feature when you first get a console and have no games, or for those 1 or 2 games you go back to per year, but really, it isn't as important as it's made out to be.

Posted by Canteu

Hey, I know a guy that can sell you a backward compatible PS3 for like £20. I believe he calls it a "PS2". Crazy right?

Oh,Oh! I think he can also get you a backwards compatible PS4 that plays PS3 games too! He calls it a "PS3".

This guy is good, mind you.

Posted by Quemador

Ummkay, so for example my 60gb ps3 make load noises and it breaks. There are a couple of ps3 games i wanna play ( God of war, Last of us, beyond...) IF...LETS SAY IF... my ps3 break again, how a im going to play those games? Buy a new ps3...then buy the ps4? no thank you.jpg.

hey im exited for the ps4...but the no backward comp is a bummer.

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I got news for you: you dont have to buy it and thats cool, duder. if you only care about games you already have, dont buy it. its so simple.

Posted by Kerned

Either you don't know what "literally" means or you don't understand what the PS4 is for.

Posted by oldenglishC

There's a pretty sweet emulator that will up-rez the hell out of PS2 games, if that's what your looking for.

Posted by LordAndrew

Fix your fucking PS3. Or buy a new one. Buy a PS3 and a PS2 if you must. If you were planning on getting a PS4 solely for PS3 games, you were planning on wasting your money.

Posted by Thoseposers

As someone that plays older games quite often backwards compatibility is a really nice feature that is a bummer to not have.

Posted by Flappy

As someone without a PS3, backwards compatibility means very little to me. As long as I have my PS2, things are golden.

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I think what the OP is getting at is that he doesn't want to have to unhook/hookup consoles if he wants to play an older game that he already owns. Saying stuff like "Boohoo, you want a PS4 for PS3 games?" is really ignorant because you'd need to have so many hookups in order to play all the games you own, and like it or not many people would love this feature. I guess this relates to me because I have the PSWii60 combo and when I get all three next gen consoles I don't want to have to do the switcheroo for every one. Thankfully Nintendo knows what it's doing and allows for complete BC. I hope MS uses this to their advantage and allows for BC - I have over 130 360 games.

For me, BC is a huge issue and I hate how Sony is doing this.

Posted by ImpendingFoil

I grew up with the NES and SNES so backwards compatibility has never been anything more than a convience to me. I do not understand why people get so upset that their new machine can't play products that are anywhere from 7 years old in the case of the PS3 to almost 20 years old since the PlayStation was released in 1994.

Enjoy the machine for its primary purpose, new games. Keep your old systems around if you want to continue to play old games.

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@lordandrew said:

Fix your fucking PS3. Or buy a new one. Buy a PS3 and a PS2 if you must. If you were planning on getting a PS4 solely for PS3 games, you were planning on wasting your money.


Devil240Z, an "HD PS2" would make no sense because no PS2 games have any resolutions above 480 (except for all the HD rereleases that Japan has been putting out lately). Evidently you care a lot about still playing certain PS1/PS2 games you own, so either fix your PS3, or play them with component cables on the PS2 you probably own, or go buy the PS2 before it disappears off store shelves forever. And as far as playing the PS3 games you own, yeah, it would've been nice if you could skip fixing your PS3 and just buy a PS4 at launch, but that ain't happening, so either fix your PS3, or wait for the next PS3 price drop and get a new one (probably have a price drop within a year).

Posted by Demoskinos

Boo-Hoo first world problems.

Posted by Cirdain

@devil240z: Get a super crazy crazy PC and run some ridiculous emulators on it... it needs to be proper crazy though. Like thousands and thousands.

Then, you'll have the future.

Posted by Marcsman

Here let me help you. 4 > 3.