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Hot deals!

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A regular 770 doesn't consume more than 230 watt's at most.

The reason they said 5-600 minimum is partly because they have to guard against bogus advertised power supplies. ( potentially including your own )But also because margin doesn't hurt.
The graphics card and CPU, along with most other components take their juice from the 12 volt rail.Some power supplies have a total delivery of 600 watt simultaneously, but only 400 of those are from the 12 volt.

Others actually deliver the full load and then some on the 12 volt rail.
Check your PSU sticker for exactly how much your power-supply claims that it can deliver on that rail.

Your math is sound, but even if you have 450 on the 12volt, I'd probably feel that it 100 watt is borderline too close for comfort.

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@mb: well to be honest i used to read up on it and there are conflicting accounts. but it seems like most things, everyone is different. but for me and at least my circle of friends, while we may be able to see a difference after 80hz, we cant see a difference past 120hz. while it may not be a gimmick to everyone, i just see it as another reason to needlessly jack up prices on displays for these increasingly minor enhancements

well what have you used to try and see past 120 hz?

A tv with "800 Hz YO!" functionallity?

or a gaming monitor with 144 hz?

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At home and and at friends, i usually sit down.

when i do stand up, i go through the fly

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Watch Dogs i think.

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do you have another computer to test the graphics card in?

if not, try another pci-e slot, incase the primary one got filled with stuffs.
And of course, make sure the pci-e teeth on the graphics card are all clean.

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According to Ubisoft, the game never got a visual downgrade.

They stand by that claim even today.

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watch dogs is special....

the game has 90 degree railway turns, the game looks like gta 3 from certain angles, even on ultra.

and it actually works terrible with phenom II architecture, so, that's the main issue here.

Even a 8320 is going to be a bottleneck actually, check this benchmark out.

They got graphics cards tested earlier in that article too.

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yes, same here, i'm not in yet.

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@garris said:


sorry for the crappy phone quality.

Also I decided to check my even viewer and find out if I could glean any info. here it is.

You should be sorry for the gangster style 90 degree photo, not the quality.Hehe jokes aside, those values look much better than what hwmonitor reported, this suggests your power-supply being okay, at-least in that snapshot.

I couldn't parse anything specific out of those event viewer logs however.