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yeah, your current powersupply is enough for sure, a 970 doesnt use that much more juice than a 460 actually.

your cpu is based on an architecture from 2008 though, so it will hold the graphics card back in situations where the cpu matters.
It should still be a step up from a 460, and you'll be able to use it for a couple of years if you decide to get a new cpu down the line.

I've heard that Dragon age inqisition has some issue with the cutscenes, they are animated at 30 hz i believe, so even if you have 100 fps, the characters still appear stuttery, whilst the rest of the scene looks fine.

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@penderton: same card, one is factory overclocked, according to msi's website the difference is

1076 MHz core ( 1216 MHz Boost ) VS 1051 MHz core ( 1178 MHz boost )

so, 25 MHz ( 38 MHz ) extra out of the box if you buy the oc version.

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@hardywells: well the only binning you can take for granted is for the frequency it is sold as, which usually isn't much higher than stock, but sure, if it doesn't cost anything extra, why not.

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@hardywells said:

@devildoll: This is not 100% true. Normally the factory overclocked chips are chips that have been "binned" and ensured they not only perform as advertised but better. Every series normally has a manufacturer(s) who bins better. This go around it seems like MSI and Gigabyte did the best job. So while I agree most cards will perform the same close to stock, some can OC upwards to 15 - 20%.

what i'm saying is that, if you buy a card with a decent cooler, you too can set its frequencies to that of any factory overclocked version of that card.

just so that i'm not misunderstanding what you are saying, binning has no effect on performance per clock. any 970 @ 1 GHz will perform identically to any other 970 @ 1 GHz.

a higher binned card has potential reach a higher frequency than a lower binned card, if they are binning for frequency that is, and not something else.

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a 970 is a 970.

Pick the one with the best cooler, and then handle any overclocking yourself.

It is very rare that any factory overclock is so substantial that it you cant do it on your own.

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Have you checked all your temperatures, it would be interesting to know how to the graphics card is in particular, idle and load.

what driver version are you using? have you had this issue over multiple drivers, or just one?

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I think it has to do with experience.

If you spend a lot of time at 60, you will start to notice when stuff dips to 30.

Just like when linus did the 60 vs 120 test, he could pick it out like an ace, but his buddy that wasnt used to the setup couldnt.

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1920x1080 has been the standard for a very long time, if you have an average joe monitor at about 20-24", i'm pretty certain that it has a native resolution of 1920x1080.

No, you cannot go beyond that resolution, the monitor has 1920x1080 pixels physically, it cant display anything above that.