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Have you checked all your temperatures, it would be interesting to know how to the graphics card is in particular, idle and load.

what driver version are you using? have you had this issue over multiple drivers, or just one?

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I think it has to do with experience.

If you spend a lot of time at 60, you will start to notice when stuff dips to 30.

Just like when linus did the 60 vs 120 test, he could pick it out like an ace, but his buddy that wasnt used to the setup couldnt.

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1920x1080 has been the standard for a very long time, if you have an average joe monitor at about 20-24", i'm pretty certain that it has a native resolution of 1920x1080.

No, you cannot go beyond that resolution, the monitor has 1920x1080 pixels physically, it cant display anything above that.

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@devildoll: they just overlay the graphics; the whole screen is still being rendered.

Rendering the whole scene and then putting black bars over it seems like a very costly move, resource wise.

Where have you read this by the way?

If that is the case, @knurstel performance hits from removing the bars make no sense.

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I've heard the game doesn't run perfect, the black bars might be there just to avoid even worse frame-rate by having to render the full scene.

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@cybertification said:

@devildoll: Yes, but making a finished game look like it's in early access is a pretty fucking incompetent thing to do, and it is a big deal, even if it's just for an hour.

I believe it was early access, and was supposed to go final at that date.

It wasn't a final release that got labled as early access, it was simply the transition from early access to final that didn't happen at the time mike thought it should have.

It's was a mistake, everyone makes those.

Calling steam "the most incompetent piece of fucking shit" over it is just hyperbolic.

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@ottorostock said:

@devildoll: well, slow downloads, slow support, limitations regarding password change and its effects on ability to sell or buy via com market, it being a drm, region segregation, prices in my region, hitherto it's been a terrible platform software wise, cheaters running rampant on most both Valve and other dev game servers. Tis but for starters.

Funny or not, these are not the only or main reasons.

But do not be mistaken, this is my stance on most DRMs.

alright, well as far as the downloads I don't think any other download service has a higher standard than steam, i usually max my 100 mbit line, during sales you may get worse of course, but usually you can better it by switching your location to ukraine.

I don't change my password often enough to bump up against any limitations there, i just rely on steamguard having my back covered.

I'm not the most diligent marketplace user, at least not trading, but the 600 or so items i have in my inventory, which are mostly trading cards have gone without hassle.

i dont think i have a stance on region segregation.

I'm European, so prices are a bit high in steam, I'm not entirely sure who's to blame for that though, sites like GMG help with that issue.

As far as cheaters go, i'm not sure any other anti cheat is better, i heard they banned a bunch of CS:GO players the other day, including some semi-pro's

I honestly very rarely notice cheaters in any fps, be it battlefield or heroes and generals.

as far as DRM goes, steam has never done me wrong, it can drm as much as it wants as long as nothing unjust happens.

Nothing here seems worthy of calling incompetent in my opinion.

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@ottorostock said:

Yeah, but I do agree with the part about Steam being an incompetent piece of fucking shit. I have ... my reasons.

care to share them?

Cause my experience with them has been great.

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cpu temps should be able to be viewed in bios as well, if you can access that.