Forza 3 and GT5 comparison shot

Hey, I don't really want to start a flamewar, and both games look great.  I took these two screenshots today in photomode for both games.  Lancia Deltas on the same track.  Everything else I had to work with manually.


My personal website in 1998

Since snide posted his web work in 1999 I got inspired and rooted out this old VHS tape of my personal Geocities site in 1998.  Maybe I'll post a better version if I find the source files, I'm pretty sure I saved them somewhere.  I coded the HTML by hand in 1997, but the site didn't really change much from that time onward.


BonusEXP podcast #30 - The Patbot Robolution! (updated 11/08/10)

Welcome to the OGBBPT.  Going forward I will attempt to keep this thread up to date with the latest in BonusEXP Podcast content.  This blog will continue to evolve over time.  Credit goes to BonusEXP co-owner David for the cool banner! 

  updated 11/08/2010

Episode #30 - The Patbot Robolution!

We discuss Fable 3, Killzone 3 multiplayer beta, Vanquish, Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC, and more.

In non-game discussion Andy talks about a super good book that he totally digs, David and Pat confess their love for The Walking Dead, and Nick chimes in here and there. We also answer a user question from our relentless rooter Ryan.


About us
Every week we create a new podcast where we talk about the latest games we've been playing, the latest in gaming news, user emails (when we get em, you can help by emailing, and casual discussion (when we have something non-gaming to discuss such as books or movies).

About the BonusEXP crew :
Me (Andy)
- Born in '81 and currently residing in Pennsylvania, Andy has been playing video games for most of his life.  His interests are perhaps more focused solely on gaming than the rest of the staff, or for normal functioning human beings for that matter.  He has a particular fondness for retro gaming, but also appreciates modern games as much as the next guy.  An evangelist for the stuff he likes who tries to explain why when he doesn't like a product.  An interest in writing and improving his communications skills drives him to create content for you to enjoy.
David - Spawned into this realm the year 1987 in Maine, David missed out on much of the booming era for video games, but has frequently delved into retro games to experience gaming's rich history.  Currently he prefers modern games though, as well as movies, TV, and music.  He is also a budding graphic artist and handles all the imagery of the website as well as being the comic relief on many occasions.  He is known on Giant Bomb for his GiantBombcast animations.
Pat - Born in the slightly awkward year of '88 -- he calls that awkward because it was just a little late for him to enjoy the great music of the 80's and just early enough for him to not enjoy the 90's music.  He comes from and currently resides in New Zealand.  Other than a fixation on 80's and 90's music Pat is also an avid gamer, movies, and tech enthusiast.  Not a big fan of many retro games but can appreciate a few of the good oldies.  Apart from being a staff member here, he is also studying towards a degree in information technology and more specifically programming.  He also claims to be the most handsome of the crew.
Nick - Has been around since 88.  First got his hands on gaming with an Atari.  Not much to say since then.  Rolled though many consoles and many many more games.  Right now he owns all three major ones and PC.  He's just here to play.  He was totally lazy and asked me to write more about him so now I'm writing about him.  Hope he likes this because he just told me to write something.  The other guys typed up their own stuff...

What I think Whiskey Media should actually do

Instead of increasing cost to customers, maybe cut the fat a bit.  Look, I don't want anyone to lose their jobs, but sometimes that's the only logical business model.  The way I see it Whiskey Media has one site I really enjoy and a bunch of others I've visited about 5 times each.
Giant Bomb's staff creates some content I don't care for.  Hell, if the site just consisted of a weekly bombcast and not much else I'd be fine with that.  If they needed me to pay $5 a year to access that one bit of content there'd be no complaints from me at all.
Do they need an underground bar and expensive live streaming equipment?  Not in my opinion.  I create a weekly podcast and I don't have a personal arcade or even an office to share with my fellow podcasters.  I receive no compensation, yet I don't begrudge my listeners.  They don't owe me.
At the very least being able to subscribe to a single Whiskey Media site would allow the different sites to compete on some level for content quality.  What we have here is intra-business welfare.
I believe these comments to be potentially too rational and divisive to post on the forums right now so I will spare the Giant Bomb community that.


BonusEXP podcast #7 & other stuffs

BonusEXP podcast #7 hits the scene!

How to listen :
MP3 download
iTunes - (sometimes takes a while to update with the latest cast)
Or just listen here :

This week we again discuss Super Mario Galaxy 2, Red Dead Redemption, and Alan Wake.  I also deliver my Doom 2 XBLA impressions and we discuss our Dragon Age Origins progress.  A fair amount of gaming news this week, I guess E3 is just bursting at the seams with news and some of it popped out this week.  Again we have bypassed user questions mostly because we don't have enough questions, please do email us so we can bring this section back!
As a side bonus, Pat & David have also created this new video of some recent Just Cause 2 DLC.  They have some other video content up which you may want to check out.  Anyways, check it out :
Please comment here, on BonusEXP's comments sections, or email us so that we know what to improve.  Next week's podcast is bound to be a little different, but things are still up in the air.  Either way please do check in, and you may be surprised.


BonusEXP podcast #6 - please tell us what you think!

Are you ready for BonusEXP cast number 6?

Ways to listen :
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This week we discuss Super Mario Galaxy 2, Red Dead Redemption, Bit.Trip Runner, and have a heated debate over Alan Wake.  As it was a slower gaming news week it's a shorter news section.  This week we skipped user questions, send us more emails and we will get right back on it!  We apologize for the slightly late podcast posting this week and less site content.  The hotness of the games within the last week played no small part in this fact.

WARNING : this week we have some minor mid-game Alan Wake spoilers.  If you're super sensitive to that sort of thing, you should probably play that far into Alan Wake before listening.

Please comment here, on the site's comments sections, or email us so that we may better serve you, the listeners.  Tell us what you think, it's the only way we can grow!  As usual we'll be back next week with more podcastiness.

BonusEXP podcast #5 / 6000th post extravaganza!

As promised, BonusEXP podcast #5 is ready for your listening enjoyment.

Ways to listen :
on our site
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This week we discuss a little more Halo Reach beta, Mass Effect 2, and Picross 3D.  Also discussed are Darksiders, Clive Barker's Jericho, Tropico 3, and the Xbox Indie game Mamotte Knight.  As a bonus experience, we also have a bit of movie discussion.  You can see that as a tribute to the opening of if you like.

As usual we discuss and debate all the gaming news of the previous week and we pull some questions from Giant Bomb's forums and/or other sources.  Remember, if you want your questions read out on the cast, email!  Please, we'd love to be able to take more questions from the GB community directly, so don't hesitate!

As far as the site itself, this week I put up my review of Picross 3D.  We'll probably make a video of Red Dead Redemption, and possibly Alan Wake this week, so stay tuned.
Please do comment here, on BonusEXP, or email us so that we may better serve you, the listeners.  As usual we'll be back next week with more podcast goodness, our piping-hot impressions of Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, and the latest in gaming news.

BonusEXP site updates & podcast #4! (Assassin's Snakes Ed)

First off the bat, BonusEXP podcast #4 is ready for your enjoyment.

Ways to listen :
on our site
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This week we talk about the Halo Reach beta, Picross 3D, 3D Dot Game Heroes, a ton of recent DLC, and a fair number of other games.  We bring up and discuss the latest gaming news, too.  I have yet to actually listen to this cast myself, so maybe if you're fast enough you'll hear me make some horrible mistake I'm not even aware of yet!  As usual we pull some questions from Giant Bomb and/or other sources.  Remember, if you want your questions read out on the cast, email!

A pretty busy week for BonusEXP.  David and Pat uploaded numerous videos for Just Cause 2, a video of the newest Mass Effect 2 DLC, as well as footage of Splinter Cell Conviction's coop mode.  I also revealed the first part of an ongoing editorial series on gameplay, attempting to reveal all the mysteries behind the core of games.
As usual we'd love to hear any feedback you're willing to give us.  Hope you all enjoy the new content and new podcast, and we'll see you again next week (probably).

BonusEXP podcast #3

BonusEXP podcast #3 is out!

Ways to listen :
on our site
direct MP3 download
Some problems with the sound quality this time around, but it's not too bad.  My voice breaks up a bit and the low bitrate almost makes it sound like I have a lisp.  Other than those technical issues, I'd say it's our best podcast so far.  We talk about Super Street Fighter IV, Serious Sam SE HD, Just Cause 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Starcraft 2, the new Riddick game, and Dirt 2 among others.  We also bring up the latest gaming news and as usual pull some off topic questions from Giant Bomb and give our answers.  If you want your questions read out on the podcast, email!
Not as much site stuff this week, seems Pat and David have been busy outside the site and I know I have been too.  I will put up the first 'Gameplay' article some time, I've revised it a few times and it keeps getting better, and I've worked on a few future bits.  Don't think I'll review Serious Sam SE HD or SSF4 personally.  I plan on checking out the Halo Reach beta this week, and I think Pat will too.  David and Pat both seem to want to get some video content up on the site pretty soon as well.
Remember, we welcome all feedback, we want to hear from you duders.  Anyways, hope you enjoy the cast and we'll be back yet again next week with another BonusEXPcast!


BounsEXP update : new content & 2nd podcast (zombiecastle ed)

We got the SCOOPS on Marvel vs Capcom 3
Presenting : BonusEXP podcast episode 2 - Zombie Castle (to see how zombie castles come into discussion you'll just have to listen!)
Ways to listen :
on our site
direct MP3 download

I was going to write a long bit about how we were all exhausted, injured, or sick when recording this week's podcast but I realized that might turn away more squeamish listeners.  Don't worry, this podcast is not especially disgusting.  Oddly enough I think this whole exhaustion thing works pretty well in my favor.

In the 'cast we discuss After Burner Climax, the new Left 4 Dead 2 DLC, a lot of miscellaneous crap about what we've been playing, Captivate 2010 and all the rest of this week's gaming news (that I could think of), and we pull a few off topic questions from Giant Bomb and answer them.  If you want your questions read out on the podcast, email!

Also of importance this week, we broke the news of Marvel vs Capcom 3 before any gaming news site I'm aware of (technically we were even talking about it last week).  I wrote a review for After Burner Climax, and the upcoming 3D Dot Game Heroes (some of which I borrowed from my own import impressions thread I posted here on GB some time ago).  David also experimented with infographics, of which more should be coming fairly soon.

Stay tuned to BonusEXP this week when I will probably post the first part of my editorial series on 'Gameplay', perhaps a review of Serious Sam Second Encounter HD, and of course yet another podcast coming your way this time next week!

Fun quest for you guys : If you listen closely to the podcast you may even hear Pat curse his own ineptitude at hosting (just kidding, Pat).  I apologize for saying MvC3 was coming 2010 and that Gearbox made Quantum of Solace, did I mention I was tired?

Anyways, hope you all enjoy the cast, but whether you love it or hate it we welcome the feedback, because knowing is half the battle.
edit : Haha, how did I manage that title typo?  :(