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Ocean Dive is one of the best screensavers ever. 0

They're loads of interesting and cool screensavers for your personal computers. One of them caught my interest and it was Ocean Diver.  I bought the full version. Ocean Dive is one of the best screensavers ever.The half version of the game is where you just see parts of the underwater environments with the fish and the other sea animals swimming around. With the full version, it's much more awesome as you can move by yourself and experience the awesome photorealistic  environments.So that's my p...

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It has flaws, but it's a functional shooter. 0

The first time I played Killzone was at a friends house, When I noticed it when I was a little bored in their house so I asked if I can play on their PS2 and they said ok and I tried Killzone. It has flaws, but it's a functional shooter.The story and art design was mostly the unique thing in the game. Though, the story is a little like World War 1 and 2.The gameplay was good. It involves you shooting hostile Helghast soldiers, tanks, flying war machines and etc mostly. And you can work as each 4...

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It may be short, but the thrilling action keeps it awesome. 0

It's been a while since I haven't got Call of Duty 4. I then purchased it on Steam. After all that downloading, and played it, it's one of the most impressive and most amazing video games I have ever played.The story is about you playing as either S.A.S and U.S.M.C. against Khaled Al-Asad and his commanding revolutionary forces in the Middle East and an ally of Imran Zakhaev; and Victor Zakhaev, the son of Imran Zakhaev and a priority figure in the Ultranationalist party. The gameplay is extreme...

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Crysis is a well-done game by Crytek. 0

Crysis has attracted the attention of thousands. When the game got released, reception was quite high. When the game was released I was very surprised by the graphics, gameplay and the highly intelligent A.I. The story is about five delta units that are ordered to rescue American scientists, that had discovered a strange artifact in the middle of the island, that has been sealed off by the Korean military but suddenly, the artifact reveals that their aliens their and start clashes on both the Am...

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Bioshock is an atmospheric masterpiece under the sea. 0

Bioshock got me interested from it's trailer. Got it last christmas on 2007. And I had to say, it's a well-done masterpiece. The gameplay has RPG elements with all those exhilarating exploration of the atmospheric world of Rapture, picking up all those weapons, E.V.E. and food and drugs (which basically increase your health or your Plasmid level). It has some fun puzzles and a minigame (involving pipes) to have fun with. The atmosphere of Bioshock is amazing and a true feel to the 20th century a...

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