Six Shooter

Man how good is this game. I am loving it so far and haven't really touch the main story missions. Hands down GOTY contender for me =)

MW 2 Take Over =)

This is totally right up there in my GOTY decision.
Whats up guys...long time no see indeed. You can probably guess what game has really been taking up all my gaming time recently. Yup you guessed it....Modern Warfare 2 is the game and man is it ever so awesome. I haven't really touched the single player because its all about the multi player. I'm currently level 42 and I am having blast. I'm playing on the PS3 cuz the good ol 360 red ringed on me yea that's enough of that. Anyone that has the PS3 version hit me up so we can totally get some mw 2 action =)


Pick this up today. Pretty damn sweet and intense. Well I'm off to practice my Jin now...hit me up with your PSN for some matches :D

A nice change of pace from SF 4


THe 3 TiTans :)

So Who Do You Guys Think Will Have The Most Star Power Announcements At This Year's E3. My Money Is On PS3 Surprisingly, Because I Sense A lot Of People Are Going To Say Da Box :)

Sony's Beast


NexT Up

Now that we know the awesomeness that is InFAMOUS...anyone excited about Prototype? I can say that I am :)

Does Super Charged Cole Have A Rival? :)

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