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Ignore the linearity and bust out the chainsaw. 0

The humans have managed to push the Locust back and now it's time for the final charge into the enemy hive to end the war once and for all. It's a desperate attack on the Hive, a mission that aims to kill the Locust Queen and save the human race. Sound a little like a Hollywood movie? Make no mistake: Epic have gone out of their way to produce, quite literally, an epic action film in a video game. So sit back and get ready to enjoy an action-packed blockbuster. There's a grand battle to be fough...

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2K Sports takes the orange ball and makes it shine. 0

It hasn't been a good time for Australian basketball. Turnouts have been down thanks to aggressive marketing campaigns from the football codes, and funds are running dry with the Sydney Kings dying last year (and being renamed into the Sydney Spirit, which sounds like a netball team). So if you like your b-ball, then you watch the NBA. Ignoring the fact that it's one of the highest quality competitions for any sport around the world, it's also intoxicating: the fever pitch that the crowd gets i...

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One bullet isn't as good as 30, but it's still fun. 0

Treyarch's contribution to the Call of Duty franchise has been hit-and-miss, but most of the points Treyarch scored were thanks to original developers Infinity Ward. Rather than trying to reinvent, vitalise or alter the direction of the series, Treyarch simply from their predecessor's formula. So when the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War was announced, a lot of COD fans were wondering: will it be worth it? First, you have to ask: did you like Call of Duty 4? If so, then World at War is easil...

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You'll want to hide undercover from this game. 0

Since the success of Burnout Paradise and the recent Midnight Club: Los Angeles, EA have been floundering. While Burnout Paradise is a title EA themselves published, it's taken a serious dent in the status quo: the genre previously dominated by the Need For Speed franchise is no longer a one-horse race. So to claw back a bit of market share and to revive the 14 year old series, EA have released Need For Speed: Undercover.Strangely enough, it seems like EA already know Need For Speed: Undercover ...

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Bejeweled Twist 0

If there's one thing that PopCap do extremely well, it's waste time. Not their time, your time. My time. Time that could be spent doing productive things like working or washing the dog. If PopCap didn't exist; if ridiculously, insanely addictive games like Bejeweled and Peggle didn't exist, the whole world would get more done. Thanks to PopCap, office life has changed forever.Some of my work colleagues – myself included – are actively trying to avoid PopCap as much as possible. We like our jobs...

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Golden Axe: Beast Rider 0

Golden Axe: Beast Rider is a remake of SEGA's side-scrolling beat'em'up classic Golden Axe in 1989. It's also an unofficial remake of God Of War, because Golden Axe tries to rip off God Of War's serial-killer-in-third-person brand of gameplay. The difference is God Of War is fun. While God Of War has you butchering through hundreds of enemies, experiencing gigantic, colourful environments and a combat system that was as fluid as the blood flowing on the screen, Golden Axe eschews all that for h...

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