8 friggin years

Now I've forgotten some things in the past, and hell i'm probably forgetting something right now, but something I've always been in tune to is how much exercise can take out of you. However, that preparedness of mind means absolutely dick when you've been sitting on your ass for 8 bloody years. Good god, I had no idea how lazy I've been. It's been 8 years since I did any real legitimate exercise... until last night. It was willingly, and I thought I was pretty out of shape, but DAMN. I hurt. I will be back at it tonight so that this painful sense of accomplishment does not dwindle away. Anyone got any good muscle relaxers?


Emotional Scores

I was a bit relieved when I figured out a couple friends felt the same way about this; that the scores from Band of Brothers and The Pacific are ridiculously good. Good in the way that they get me as emotional as watching the actual show. The two intros got me a little choked up when I first heard/watched them. I thought I was being too sensitive or something. I may still be, but it was cool to hear that someone felt the same way about it. Anyone have music that is like that?


It's probably the bacon

I don't know if it's because of the PBR, bacon, or Red Dead from last night, or simply because it's Friday, but today feels great.  (it's probably the bacon)
I'm not groggy, sore, bored, or irritated. It's beautiful outside, even though I only have about a foot wide of window I can see out of...  
Oh, you know what, i know what it is. The boss is leaving for the day in 5 minutes. Wootsauce. 
Speaking of woot, has anyone ever actually bought anything from woot dot com? I look at it every day, but it always ends there. 
also, cheers to the weekend drinkers.


Volume knobs

I had a realization last night while listening to some music. 
It's probably most common in computer speakers, but i found that i much prefer analog volume knobs to digital. 
Digital volume knobs with number association are usually too loud or too quiet. It always needs to be in between two numbers. 
Analog is just so much more precise. I like to listen to music when i go to bed, and using the digital volume through the keyboard never gets the volume where i need it.  
Anyone else feel the same?


Job Security and Me

There's nothing quite so comforting, er... career assuring as being my boss's absolute favorite person in this whole building. To the point where I can get people more than the standard 1 hour for lunch so long as i'm going with them. Yea, that has happened. Recently.  
I called in sick yesterday for legitimate reasons. I have to say I did really sound horrible on the phone (I just woke up at the time), but it wasn't for standard sick reasons that I wasn't feeling well. I came back in today, and my most conversational coworker whom I often spend parts of my day  "chillaxing"(I will never really grab onto that word(s)) with, tells me that my boss was absolutely flipping out. "Oh my, he sounds horrible! I'm worried!!" If there were 'whispering exclamation points' they would have been in there instead. It's quiet in here. She tells me she then proceeded to hand my coworker a stack of things to do. She smiled. I laughed. She frowned. She gave me a bit of a speech on how much i'm praised by the head lady. I should be pretty happy here for a while =) 
Anyone else use wax paper as a mousepad? shit's the bomb.


Dickinson, Bitch.

 The Internet. Oh, the internet. The extraordinary, disgusting, informational, absolutely pointless, "who gives a fuck", gorgeous, sexual, unintelligent, hilarious internet. The last there usually offers the best time out of those. Unless you're in complete privacy i suppose. The combination of this internet fellow, a roommate and some ridiculous URL forwards can surely make me feel like I am going to have a good time for the rest of my life. Man movies are deceiving! As Keanu (The Wall) Reeves once said, "It's not like the movies, Kid." He sure is a wise showgirl's son.  
It's baffling how easily the transition into "adult life" creeps into your plans, or lack of. That ill feeling of general bordem fills the empty hours following work. That bastard morning never feels sorry for your tired brain, or slight hangover. I guess it's comforting to think that work is so exciting that everything after seems extra dull, but i'm probably setting myself up for some major eye opening shit storms of sadness there. However, there are some standard thought activities that need some heavy revamping in order for them to sound attractive. Then remember, it's the little things.
I went through the drive-thru at Chic-Fil-A in reverse. the other day. It was definitely embarrassing at first. The car my roommate was driving had a broken driver side window. So I jokingly said we should go in backwards. He thought it was a funny joke. Therefore, it happened. The guy in front (back?) of us was cool enough to turn his lights off too. I'm glad I took my sunglasses. So when we got up to the window just about the entire kitchen was standing there laughing. One girl was taking video on her phone. I tried to tell the girl handing the food out that our window didn't work, but she was already out with the "thanks, have a good night." Then she had a major scowl going on. As if to be thinking "God damnit, another one." As if EVERYONE goes through there in reverse. Jerk.  I keep searching YouTube, but luckily haven't seen my dumbass smile and wave on there. Yet.

I should go bowling soon. That shit is awesome. (I have a cherry scented ball. yes, scented. ball.) 
also, this is for quest points.