Cosplay idea generator - first experiment with the Giantbomb API

It probably would have been a better idea to post this before Halloween, but anyway:

I spent a couple of hours with the GiantBomb API for the first time and came up with a really simple/dumb thing:

Cosplay idea generator -

It basically grabs a random game character from the GB database and pairs it with an adjective, (also randomly selected from a list), so you get suggestions like "Steampunk Nathan Drake" or "Cardboard Box Bomberman". It would be more useful if it used the Screened/Comicvine/AnimeVice databases as well, but Screened and Animevice don't seem to have APIs yet, and I can't get an API key from Comicvine because there's already a "DMack" user at that site, and I'm playing username chicken with him/her.

It's pretty dumb. Use it at next year's comic/dragon/whatever-con! Also feel free to suggest other adjectives that would be appropriate. As I'm typing this, I realized "zombie" would be a good addition.

edit: Oh, and it's a joke! If that's not clear :P