Haters gotta Hate

So I try to play a little of everything. if its supposed to be a good game, regardless of genre, I'm interested. I picked up Halo Reach at launch cause my best gaming buddy was super excited about it.  I like to play a lot of different games but don't have a ton of money so usually I wait until a game is a bit cheaper and pick it up used. he usually buys less games than I do but plays them for longer than I do, so he doesn't mind picking them up at full price. This was a Halo game so I knew the Co-op and Mulitplayer options would be worth the price.  The game is awesome, easily the best Halo game in terms of mechanics and a close second to the original in terms of "life event" that some games can be.  Now the crux of this blog is I have a guy I work with who is a "hater". His favorite franchise is COD and for some reason feels the need to bag on Halo. Just Halo mind you, his complaints about it are completely unrelated to his actual feelings and tastes.  He complains that Halo is unrealistic, which I guess is true...I never thought of Halo as a sim but whatever.  Looking at COD, after you got passed the 3rd game in that series it got pretty outrageous in terms of story and events taking place but he has no problems with that. He says the AI is cheap because on his first play through *on Legendary mind you* he died a bunch on some of the missions.  I kinda expect to die on the hardest difficulty.  He says he can't stand how many bullets it takes to kill an enemy. This from a self-professed "huge Borderlands fan".  I'm actually playing through Borderlands now for the first time and let me tell you....half of the "challenge" of the game comes from some mobs being giant bullet-sponges. Now dont get me wrong, I love Borderlands. I'm not the one complaining about enemies taking too many shots to bring down.  Now here's where I was inspired to write this blog post, he said the graphics in Reach were bad, not stylistically but technically.  I couldnt help but agree that the frame-rate is low for what I'm used to calling a Halo game.  The art direction however is peak in the industry as far as I'm concerned.  Yesterday I get to play Black Ops over at his house.  I want the game something fierce but can't help but think that the graphics on the technical side are a little weak.  When I pointed that out to him he was flabbergasted and said "it better than Gaylo!"  To each his own.  This morning I log in to some message boards and the Black Ops boards are lit up with the same nit-picking/blatant fanboying as he was doing to Halo.  Again...I try to play everything, If its good I enjoy it.  Why cant more people open their minds and do the same? Why Haters gotta hate?


Let the Games Begin

This has always been my favorite time of year to be a gamer. Even if you dont have the cash to buy all the newest games, they are being released and all the info is flooding out.  Friends get games and you get to try new things you wouldnt normally buy, and you get to do the same for them sharing a genre that perhaps they didnt realize they could enjoy.