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@karmaghost: Thanks! I figured out that I had unintentionally glitched the owl room awhile back and didn't recognize it when I finally

"assembled the parliament"and opened the rear door. I had accidentally accessed the rear door earlier and turned the room gold. So when I talked to all the owls and they opened the door, there was nothing there for me to do. That confused the heck out of me.

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@xyzygy: You have access to it... maybe you're confusing the original bottom center door with the new one post-water lowering?

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OK, finally resorting to asking for hints. I've enjoyed figuring things out myself to this point, but I think I'm stuck. I'm in New Game + and (I think) I'm almost finished. Hopefully asking multiple questions isn't breaking protocol.

There are only four unaccessible rooms left on my map: the maintenance room in the first zone, the room connected to the four-sided door cube room in the raining zone, the room connected to "owl island," and the room attached to the museum/library. I also just missed the timer for the white arm on the clock so I'm pretty ticked about that and will likely yank the ethernet cable on my Xbox and try to change the time manually. I have no idea what the actual interval is, but I know it's been heading toward 12 for several days and I knew approximately when it would hit - I just missed it.

I have 31 and 7/8ths regular cubes and zero nodes on my map showing remaining pieces. I assume it's in a room I haven't entered yet, but I've been playing for hours since my last cube fragment and I'm getting the feeling this last one is intentionally hidden well. F'n bookcase. Been playing around in that room forever.

Obviously I have no clue on deciphering the number system, so any hints on that would be appreciated. I still have the "cube room" with the four treasure maps and the bell to figure out. I've been looking at the number symbols for quite awhile and nothing is clicking (I figured out the damn alphabet while on a break from trying to figure out the numbers).

I also have the riddle relating to the alphabet to figure out - I saw some hints on that above and will see what I can do with those.

This is a pretty needy first post, but I really love this game. Just bummed I can't solve it all on my own.