2012 in Cinemas Movies: An awful year or is just me?

It's my first blog here, so please excuse any mistakes.

To be honest, i am not the guy that will go every week to the cinema, pay for the extra pop - corns / cola / natchos / water etc. , just for watching a movie that maybe in the end, don't enjoy. I'm the guy that goes to the film that has some reputation or a sequel that i was waiting for long to see. OR i risk only with movies about my favorite gerne: Fantasy.

But let's get back to our topic. In 2012 the only movies i watched in Cinema was:

1) Dark Knight Rises ( big Batman Universe fan + Nolan's fan - yes i am)

2) The Hobbit: An Unexpexted Journey (same, big fan of Middle Earth, and of course of Tolkien and Peter Jackson)

I watched both of them in their premiere.

And, both of them, were awesome! I don't want to make / do any spoilers, so i will not say anything about the plot.

Just, Dark Knight Rises

  • was even better from the first film of the (Nolan) Trilogy
  • was very close or equal to Dark Knight.

And as for the Hobbit,

  • ALL was AWESOME!

But.... ok, these were 2 magnificent movies and, of course, worth watched in Cinema, but 2012, really had something else or it was just, except of ''The Dark Knight Rises'' and ''The Hobbit'', an awful year?

I watched many movies of 2012, in my TV, with no cost, there were good movies (Life of Pi, The Grey - maybe Cabin in the Woods ,there are things in this movie i really don't liked but it was good) but all the others was just passable.

In comparison with other years, i think 2012 for movies was TERRIBLE

No other word to describe it. I want your opinion. Is just me? Maybe, i don't know. But i wanna hear (sorry, read) what you think about it.