It was a good game to play really fun, it was a whole new game play experience to FIFA 03, i loved it how you could buy people, also the shooting was more better and more of a creative chance to shine with your shot. But when i played it in 2008 to see what it was like, i couldn't play  it  at all it was so hard and weird it was shit, but back then it was great i loved it but  now it just not good.

game was one of my favorites of the my Fifa collection, the transfer system was great i  loved, the gameplay was improved a lot and is way better than O4, it had a lot of improvments which helped the game greatly and make it more fun to play. More leagues to play so that was really good. The best thing about this game is that i can play it still to date and to have a problem with it, un like O4, it is one of my favs for the Fifa.

This is when the Fifa Franchise changed  completely, everything changed, gameplay, transfer, set pieces, budget we have a budget which makes the game more harder then ever. It was really hard for me when i first played it kept on getting losing all the time. But it was so fun just shooting, and taking corners, and not doing those stupid automatic corners which is not as good as picking a side and choosing your power and curve. Gives you more freedom to do, which is really good for a sports game. More leagues again, more additional stuff in manger mode which is always cool. There is scouts which i really nice, and increasing your staff upgrades which is a really nice improvement to the game. IT was hard but is probably up there with O5 those are the 2 games that i have played for so long. Also it has online on it which is sick.

 This game was a major flop for me, yes you can create our own team but who cares what  other stuff you can do, fifa O6  changed fifa and it is basically the same till Fifa O9, i didn't really play Fifa O7 that much it was OK, the same as O6 in a way, so it was about a good 2 months of playing that game and just got bored of it so nothing really to talk about.

This game was really good, it was kinda the same not really any new features but the gameplay improved finally, and it was addicting, My bro and I played it for a whole year actually doing manager mode wisely and carefully so we had the best team. It is a really good game to play it is so fun, and it really got my excited for fifa O9 to see what they have in store. Overall it was the best FIFA game i have Played.

it is a good game to play, but i dont like all the creating your own stuff like tactics, ya that's great but really i just want to play the game, but people who like that stuff then ya thats a fantastic feature to the game, the gameplay was good. First time sh
 This game was good, not as good as O8, the online was to confusing for me just didn't really do much of that, and then all this creating tactics and all that doing your own stuffs\ were improved, tricks are even better which are nice, ya the game is fun to play, im not saying its bad it's great, i still play it. But not as good as O8.


Call Of Duty games.

Now we all know that all the old COD game were the same all about WW1/WW2, but there were still in a way kinda fun to play i have all of them im a fan of COD games. The gameplay was basic and easy to get use to , a good way to start a good game and not get angry at it all the time. I hate in the old old COD games is you had to find health boxes, but that would make it harder, then just covering and waiting to be up and ready to fight again. In a way it is not realistic at all, but grabbing the medic boxes is a neat and challenging way to get your health up, and get you back up and star shooting your enemy's down. One of my favorite CODs was COd3 for the wii not that was cool one of the first games to come out for the wii. It was cool that at some point in the game a suprise attack would grab you and try to kill you, but on the screen it would show you the movement to succeed in that battle, which can get tiring if you are really into the game. I like the voice actors as well they  made the game funny which is always good. The battle system was incredible at that time, i loves it to bits, just so intense. Then there was  Modern Warfare, what a game that was, it just completely destroyed all the other COD games, the online was crazy the best game of the year. It is non-stop action, it is so addicting it is not even funny. From the dramatic scenes in the story like it was just unreal. It was the best looking for it's generation at that time, no one could of asked for better.Now we move onto Cod5, yes yes we go back to WW games. But they make it rough and tough intensify it even more then before and makes it look bad ass ( flamethrower) i loved the game story could have been better, online was good. I hated the big maps cuz you didn't know where you were going and spending the whole time looking for enemy's instead of killing them, which put the game down for me. hat really made the game was Nazi Zombie oh boy so addictive, i loved it so much it was so much fun. The lazer gun was the best cheap though. What i am really looking froward to is Modern Warfare2 I can't wait till that comes out, i will be glued to the TV non-stop, i hope the online is really good, and please be more than 18 god damn player like wtf, make it higher if you want us to like it that more. Looking forward to be playing as soap again. This is my short and basic blog of my experience with COD games hope you enjoy.

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