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It came from SPACE!

Stockholm, Sweden. 1990 AD.

Earth was devastated after a long and costly war with the evil alien species known only as the Blargh. In a last desperate act, the swedish government assembled a team of the worlds most brilliant scientist in order to create a new type of weapon that would counter the Blargh threat. After months of research, the scientist came up with a prototype. They called it the "Destructive Robotitc Inflatable Armored Monkey-dishwasher" or "DRIAM" for short. Fueled by two powerful AAA rechargable 1000 mAh batteries, this powerful genetically engineered cyborg was to infiltrate the Blargh mothership and blow them all to smitherines.

His mission was a success, and when he returned to Earth, the Driam was welcomed as a hero.

But the Driam was never meant to be a part of the general population. Crushing skulls and chewing Djungelvrål was all he knew, and while the latter was socially accepted in the northern regions of Europe, the authorities frowned upon Driam's rampant murder on their citizens, and he was locked up indefinitely. He now uses his impressive wi-fi capabilities to roam the internet aimlessly, and has found a home on giantbomb.com.