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Id love it for those hearth stone packs

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Great post dudder now Im all teary eyed but thats because I remember all the great things Ryan did for us all. Heres to remembering our Loved ones every year

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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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82.6 million this seems low for marvel but it is coming out in april so Im going a little lower

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I think Jeff should host but Vinny should always edit the podcast because god dam he is a god of editing lol

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cool thanks Now tims to start this insane ass game

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So I just got this on sale on xbox But was wondering what DLC I need for the true ending. do I need to buy it all or just part IV

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SNORLAX all the way

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Man there are no words right now he will be missed and the site will never be the same man this sucks he just got married RIP Ryan you mad us all laugh and thats the best gift you could have given all of us DUDDERS.