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Only thing I will missed from them being at the press conferences live was this great video that @drewbert did last year!

Watched the whole thing. That was a treat. Best. Ending. Ever.

GB's coverage of GDC was great. E3 will be epic.

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@darthorange said:

@kristov_romanov said:
  • I was worried and bitchy when Whiskey Media broke up

All of these worked out well, in my opinion. I am now excited about Vinny's move.

I think they really do go from strength to strength.

No way. Site still hasn't been the same since then. :(

That was the peak, it's irrefutable.

Just imagine if that never happened and Whisky was still thing...

I totally concur with this sentiment. But the site is still the best around, and my worst fears after the dissolution of Whiskey never came to pass. Their footage of the last GDC harkened back to the Giant Bomb of old, and give me high hopes for E3 this year.

I want to say I'll miss Vinny, but I thought the same when Patrick made his announcement, and he's done nothing but brought more compelling content to the site and become more prevalent. I expect no less from Vin Dawg. And he's got Alex!

He'll be missed on the podcast, but to be honest, I don't listen as religiously as I used to. Ever since we lost Ryan, it just doesn't grab me as often.

Still love the site. They seem to be doing well. Excited for future plans.

Site needs more Jeff! Hire someone else to do your "Business" shit, Jeff.

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I'm only okay with this because Patrick has done such a great job in Chicago. Seeing Max and Dave more has been a blast. Plus, Giant Bomb West has Drew "The Man" Scanlon, whom Vinny has taught well. They'll be just fine.

And I have no doubt Vinny and Alex will whip up some wonder work in no time. Can't wait!

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San Pedro, California, United States

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What a cool duder. Labor Law, huh? Right on.

Keep your head down, and keep making the world a better place.

Good article, Scoops.

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The host asks Jeff at one point if he sees written games coverage moving away from reviews and more toward more serious articles exploring their meaning and what not, and Jeff hesitates before answering to the affect of, "sure, maybe."

I don't know about you guys, but Jeff's "Jar Time" videos are essentially this in video format (which I think occurred to Jeff, by the look on his face, but couldn't find the way to express it).

Jeff, in my opinion, has his finger on the collective pulse of gamers. And it's the unspoken tragedy of the loss of Ryan that has required Jeff to spend more time on the business side and less on his sharing his thoughts on the industry.

This was great. The PAX Panel was great. The GDC live stream was great. I feel the old Bomb burgeoning back. Ryan's smiling down on all of it. Can't wait for the future plans.


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God damn it! Damn it. Damn it. DAMN IT. DAMN IT!

I really wanted an Oculus Rift. Here's hoping the original team retains developmental and creative freedom, and this just means a bunch more money is available...

Yeah, right.

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the white ouya looked so sexy :( can't find it anywhere except ebay for a gorillian dollars.

Patrick found one in a thrift store.

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@budwyzer said:

Nintendo should just go the way of Sega and just make games for other platforms.

Look how well that worked out for Sega!

Sega stopped making competitive product.

Perhaps the development costs of a Nintendo title wouldn't be justified sharing profits with a hardware provider, but I have hopes that THE strongest IP holder in Gaming could make it work.

I guarantee that the first AAA title NIntendo released on all platforms (assuming they put their usual effort into it) would be their fastest seller of all time (Wii sports doesn't count; a freak fluke. And arguably the worst thing that ever happened to Nintendo as far as Gamers are concerned).