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@redyoshi: Well, let's see...okay, it is, but for some reason you can't purchase it from the Spring Fever icon for the game. I had to "search" it, and then I could purchase it. Plus, the discount gets applied as soon as you put it in your cart.

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What time today is Axiom Verge available? Or am I just missing something?

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Haven't seen this info here. Weapons' stats scale. A scale that makes no intuitive sense. I quote Judgement100 from Gamefaqs:

It means that the attack power of the weapon gets a bonus based on your stats.

It goes, in order from least amount of bonus to most:


So, for instance, you have a sword with 40 attack power and an S bonus in STR.

That sword's attack power will be 40 + (whatever your STR stat is) * (some modifier, probably a pretty high one if it's an S bonus

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I'm really hoping this one's great. It needs to be. Well, at least to convince this guy, who hasn't bought a Nintendo system since the N64, to finally pony up. So they can take all the time they need. I miss Nintendo...

Is that a weird thing to say?

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I feel like an ass. It wasn't my intention to put DigitalCybercherries on blast, and I apologize if the original title of this thread deterred anyone from getting New Retro Arcade. It looks amazing.

I guess I'd best be more specific when titling forum threads.

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Thanks, everyone, for the advice. I'll try some of the suggestions, but my computer seems to be running fine, other than that odd experience trying to get at New Retro Arcade. Hopefully it's isolated to just me.

The latest topic of this thread doesn't really make sense (or is too vague to be useful), but whatever. I don't really care. I was just trying to prevent anyone from running into the same problem. I can download lots of things from other sites without having this problem, so, at least for me, it seems to be specific to New Retro Arcade. But what do I know?

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@andrew2696: I don't have an email program on my desk top. I use my phone and iPad for that.

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Installed Avast. Scanned. Nothing found. Thanks for the help, though.

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I'm not accusing DigitalCybercherries of any wrong doing. I'm just stating that attempting to download New Retro Arcarde set me on a path of questionable pop ups, prompting me to download other things. All of these are facts. The intent, the whys, and the whos behind them don't matter when the end result is the same. I've tried twice now, and had the same result (except the freezing computer part. Probably because I stopped downloading everything I was prompted to download). Perhaps I have something weird on my computer, but I don't have problems with anything else. I have anti-malware software on my computer, but I'll try this Avast thing to see if it comes up with anything new.

Again, I'm not trying to accuse anyone of anything, I'm just reporting my personal experience.

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