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Spelunkin' with Scoops with a bullet! Though, I'm sure there're little jewels of interviews and moments with the crew I enjoyed more, but Spelunkin' is an icon.

Miss you, Patrick.

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Scoops, you made Giant Bomb a better place when I didn't think it was possible. Your unique approach to discussing videogames brought new depth to the Bombcast. If I'm not mistaken you were on at least one E3 (or the like) podcasts before you were hired, and in my opinion, one of the best guests. Spelunking with Scoops is still, and probably always will be, my favorite Giant Bomb regular feature.

Your departure will leave a huge hole in my Giant Bomb life and you will be missed. Thank you for giving so much of yourself in your content, Patrick. I wish you the best.

I look forward to what you have planned.

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Thank you, Mr. Baer.

(Proof! Videogames lead to a longer life expectancy)

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That's okay, I still haven't beaten The Witcher 2...

This is true. I'd better get on that... and all the other amazing games coming out.

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Can't wait for everyone to say this game is working as intended. Then, and only then, will I pick it up. Can't wait to play Halo: CE multiplayer matches online (with all the original code supposedly. Awesome!). Hell, maybe it'll be discounted by then.

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Well this sucks. I was going to wait until one price drop on Steam to get this, but since the game sounds more and more frustrating (I hate game specific accounts), I guess I'm waiting until it's at least half price. I'd hate to miss out on what sounds like a beautifully rendered Paris.

It's a shame Ubisoft can't commit to only releasing quality Assassin's Creed games. I have a strong suspicion they are fully capable of doing so, and also fully aware of the flaws in the sub-par entries.

Like the boats in the sub-par Assassin's 3 being improved (perfected?) for 4, I would not be surprised (and anxiously hope) that Assassin's Creed 5 makes the entire game 4-player co-op and superior to its predecessor.

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Take all my money, Projekt Red, just keep doing what you do.

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Joined PS4 Clan. Drykerr.

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Bad loot was a bug.

It was mentioned earlier in this thread, but I thought it worth repeating.

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Totally stoked for this. Does it play like the original Windjammers?