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This is Zh'Wane, the third Zwain character I've made for the series. Changed it up by making her Qunari, and a girl.

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I like the asymmetrical one best! Also, I needs this!

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My PJs, all day! All weekend! All-yeah!

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Those of you that are having trouble with your character data not showing up, here's a post from their forums.


It was about an hour or 2 before my characters showed up, and I don't know if the steps I did here helped or if it was just giving the syncing servers some time either way, I'm ready for the Inquisition!

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See No Evil 2 - 3/5

Pretty competently made, with some pretty cool kills. Kane's acting improved immensely from the first movie. I do want to check out the directors' other films now.

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Giantbomb: Games of Future Past

Worlds collide in this action packed finale! Heroes gather from across time and space to see if they can fly a plane...FOR THE KIDS!

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Some more "Super" Dave Lang!

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Maybe Cabin in the Woods? It's a pretty clever film. Not exactly scary, but that's not what it's going for.

I 100% agree. Though there are a few tense moments.

I would also suggest the Evil Dead series. I am similar in that I have trouble with scary shit but I enjoyed those movies. Hell I even enjoyed the new Evil Dead, though that goes a little gross and I don't enjoy gross.

The film You're Next if you want a clever twist on slasher films.

Also any horror-comedy. For me horror-comedy was a great way to transition into the scarier shit. It definitely gives you a taste for horror.

For TV if you couldn't guess from my profile pic I would suggest Hannibal. I mainly suggest this because it is an amazing television show and I think more people should watch it.

Speaking of TV, I actually love American Horror Story. I thought season 1 was the most terrifying, but I pressed through because I thought the whole thing was great social commentary that nailed a lot of current issues. I realize a lot of good horror is such commentary, but that show just struck me. I guess good social critique can get me through things that would otherwise make me turn away. Would I enjoy Hannibal? Do I need to watch the movies first? Do you think I should watch the movies anyway based on what I've said?

I have not seen a single Hannibal movie. I want to but I am afraid they will spoil the series in some way. The television show is an adaptation of the books not the movies.

The show's horror is more subtle than AHS. You are more horrified in the fact that you are being charmed by a character you know is a cannibal. The art direction is incredible and makes you squirm with its grotesque beauty at times.

Anyway I could go on and on with how much I love Hannibal. I will just say you will be very concerned when you crave the beautiful dishes you know contain people.

The show is a prequel to the books, at least the first 2 seasons are. The show runner does eventually want to adapt the books into their own seasons and them cap it off with another season that is completely original. Since it barely got a season 3, I'm expecting more Red Dragon elements to show up.

But yes, it it an great show, smart psychological thriller. Check it out!

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I like the black bars. I like the way they look, and my experience with the game so far seems to match the producer's reasons. By having me look down at the floor to check for items I need, it adds in extra tension in scenes where I'm just trying to survive.

I guess I've just seen so many movies in 2.35:1 that I no longer truly notice it. Though, I will admit to never noticing when I could take control of the character in Beyond: Two Souls after a cut scene wrapped up. The idle mo-cap was just too good!

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You're experience seems to match my own. I liked Eccleston the most. There was a gravity to his acting that made something as silly as the Daleks truly seem like a threat, just by putting on his serious face. David Tennant resorted to sarcasm and smart assery in similar situations, but the general writing of the series really amped things up. Matt Smith was hit and miss for me throughout his run, but nothing that turned me completely away.

I think that if you liked Eccleston like you did, you're going to dig Capaldi. I think he has more acting chop than Tennant and Smith, and there is that gravity I remember seeing in Eccleston. Also, the writing seems closer to those first few seasons!