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I like the FAQ approach to this article. It gave a chance to elaborate a bit, otherwise it would've just been a paragraph, maybe two.

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Duece is me, and Zwain is the create-a-character I've been making since Rockband 2.

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Bonus points for rhyming 'Z' with 'A'! Friggin great work, duder!

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Burnaby, BC, Canada

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LMAO! That was totally rad, dude!

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@mrpibb: 1password is the only add-on I've put onto it, though.. the time for when I added that is roughly the same time as the issues. I might try deactivating it for a quicklook sometime this week.

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@mrpibb: I rewatched the Bounden Unfinished in chrome, and it worked fine for the whole vid in progressive HD. I'll try some of the other quicklooks as new ones pop up and see if the problem rears its head again.

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I had a real bad T-shirt addiction the last few years. I'm talking 2-3 shirts a week. I think I did all 5 days once. Some artists at just too damn clever. Here's a collection of pics of ones that I already had online, but there are about 50-60 more in my collection.