What goes into thinking of a game name?

You're at the "create-a-character" screen and one of the first options is "enter name here: _____". What do you do?
Here are things to consider when thinking of a game name: 
-personal interests [hobby, city where you live, favorite sports team, favorite game/movie character, favorite food]
-if you're playing on a server where all the names need to be unique, the name "Steve" will sometimes be already taken. So often people add variations to the name "5t3ve3" or "Steve123" or "MisterSteve" if you want to be formal.
-or maybe you don't care and just write "Awesomeguy" or "Blahblah" or "Blahblahblah".
Whatever your reasons for thinking of a name for your game character, I want to know...


WIBP (God of War III)

Finished God of War III, man that Zeus fight was a a 3 part *****! Cool 2d fighter start (Street Fighter Fan), then a less appealing fight in the heart of Gaea, and finally and even dumber fight in first person view. It looked like they tried to add that in after the game was done to add some variety. The last couple hours to the end left much to be desired, however the game in an entirety was gorey and epic in only the way God of War can be. One of the levels, I believe the Labyrinth, was the only environment I wasn't feeling. It seemed out of place with all these environments that span such great distances (mountain tops and top of titans). I didn't feel that great war feeling in a dark cave with big mechanical boxes, it just seemed out of place and not very memorizing as there other level designs. There was an issue with controls; I wish I didn't have to auto lock onto an enemy when I used Hermes rush, it would seem so much easier to dodge and counter that way. Maybe that would mess with the difficulty of the game, I don't know.
FAVORITE GAME MOMENT: Banging Aphrodite...Hmmmmmm there were a lot of memorable boss fights from Hades, Hercules, Posieden, and Hermes. But drudging around Cronos's dirt infected titan ass has to take the cake. I mean you are the size of a flea fighting on this giant moving enemy (level), WHILE fighting other smaller fleas (enemies) living on or in his body! It's crazy, insane and satisfying as hell when you take him down...By the Gods.


WIBP (Tropico 3)


Sim city type game with a different twist and a sense of dark comedy. You take control of a small island in the 50s and build its structures, economy and its people how you choose. Politics, religion, military all effect the happiness of your people, be a ruthless dictator or religious zealot you build it and they will come...or leave. If they do decide to leave why not have the military shut down the island, no one leaves..but if they decide to rebel be prepared for an attack on one of your buildings. Overall I really am enjoying the game, it's one of those games you can jump back into whenever.

FAVORITE GAME MOMENT: When it all comes together and it's a working functional country, that's what I enjoy most. But if I had to single it down to one moment, it would be the time when "El Presidente" had a chip installed on him that made him do certain things. One scenario had me either pay to remove the chip or assassinate a know Russian operative living in my city, which would damage my relations with Soviet comrades. Good times.