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I enjoyed reading this. Agreed completely on VC's story, which I thought was full of anime nonsense.

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Crusader Kings 2 would be excellent for a regular feature.

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@scizzy: I must say, I'm impressed with your rational, even-handed assessment of these figures. I've recently spent some time reading presidential biographies and it's really helped me understand how complex evaluating a presidency can be. Other than Washington I haven't been too impressed with the presidents I've read about, but for that reason I'm looking forward to reading up on Lincoln and FDR.

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I remember using the DA toolset last year to edit values, and I have 8gb ram. Since when did the toolset suck up that much memory?

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Best I've found is LethalFrag on Twitch, he's doing lengthy streams of completing hard mode using every ship...without pausing. Very interesting seeing how he changes up his playstyle for each ship layout.


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@49th said:

La Mulana


I'd like to see this but I think Patrick said something about the hardcore puzzle elements not making for good livestreaming.

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...And I'm an idiot. Didn't realise I had the video stickied, not a feature I've consciously used before.


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Since maybe Tuesday I've had this issue: On a video page, scrolling down the page keeps the video in view but leaves a tiny portion of the screen at the bottom where I can see all the comments (the page does scroll within this small section). I'm using Chrome, and this issue doesn't seem to come up with IE.

It was fine a few days ago, so I'm not sure what the deal is.

Thanks in advance for any help.