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Don't nominate games that already have been featured in a Quicklook or Unfinished

Haven't seen the UPF, obviously, but this seems like something super annoying. Having them look at a game they've already looked at. Especially when it's in the UPF format and you're basically paying to see them look at a game they already looked at for free.

Yeah, I think they should skip stuff that has already been featured in some form on the site. Maybe Rorie could do a quick glance at the steam page before putting stuff into the poll to see if it seems to be a joke entry or not. There were interesting poll options like Exodus from the Earth, Verdun, Paragon etc. in there, but the joke entries won every time.

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@gaff: Maybe do something like this again and have the staff buzz out when they have seen enough http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/quick-look-xbox-live-indie-games/2300-1762/

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The only problem I had with the chats selections was that a lot of the games where already featured on the site. Also boo to anyone who didn't vote for Exodus from the Earth.

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I'm wondering if Dan/ Jason will push for another world record attempt at GB. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDl5Jl7ajdY

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@golguin: http://gamesdonequick.com/tracker/donate/10 <---go here fill in the info (make sure to click on the bid) and then continue to the Paypal link.

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@golguin: I'm holding a donating til the game starts.

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He worked for years in various positions on multiple projects most of which are successful. After a while he gets mega popular with Family Guy and is able to branch out.

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To be clear I'm not saying not to ask for value from your subscription. I just wanted to have some perspective of time in the conversation. Shit is tight.

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Quantitatively how much content do you want them to put out? Right now they are putting out a muti-hour podcast which eats most of their Monday or Tuesday, they usually put out one or two QL's maybe more so that's another couple of hours. They have been doing more unfinished videos essentially a QL at say one or two a month. They have UPF every Friday which is about a two hour show. Every other week lets say they have an addition subscriber stream. They have been putting out additional subscriber only podcasts.

So think about the raw time it takes to shoot video or roll tape in addition to any editing they need to in addition to the render times, add in CBSi meeting ect, and divide this by the staff they have. If you still don't think it's a great value proposition then fine, but as addition people are hired you should see more overall content. Post E3 seems like when they are planning for this to happen. Btw planning events such as pax, and e3 takes time too.

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I'm happy that Vinny gets to eat real pizza again.