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Bioshock Infinite

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request sent, kilroy

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@bigwhiteyeti: It's up on twitch right now, but I think they might put up a version without banner ads and with camera switching at some point.

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@cooljammer00: As mentioned later in the article, Derek Yu literally did not think getting that much treasure was possible.

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http://www.giantbomb.com/boxee which is supposed to spit out a code to link a premium account to the Giant Bomb Video Buddy app among other things is giving me a 404 error.

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sony continues to steal surnames from google

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12 Years A Slave hands down.

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Sorry Sleepy Dogs :(

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I don't think Joel is a good character.

But morality aside I suppose I can see why taking out so many guys might strain your suspension of disbelief. Still you're rarely facing more than 5 or so dudes at once and the game forces you to be stealthy and strategize as opposed to just soaking up bullets. The combat isn't exactly realistic but I think it's still withen the realm of possibility, unlike, oh say, Uncharted.