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Posted by ElCapitan

Finally got around to filming some Let's Plays, so here's my first episode. Pardon the slight clipping on the mic. I'll try and get it fixed for subsequent vids.

Posted by ElCapitan

Episode 2 is up! Look for more regular updates.

Posted by SolidSeth

Cool. Thanks for doing these. Seems like a fun game, I may pick it up.

Posted by ElCapitan

@SolidSeth: Thanks man! The game is loads of fun and not too expensive at all. Just be prepared to die...a lot.

Posted by VeiledMalice

*has flashbacks of own terrible deaths*

I'm only now, after about 4 hours of playing it, starting to get far into the game regularly. Despite some luck of the draw in random encounters, this game is surprisingly skill based. Keep it up, Dan!

Posted by ElCapitan

@VeiledMalice: My favorite (short) run is coming up in two days (18 Sept) on my channel. Don't want to spoil too much, but let's just say that my final sector is less than 2.

I think the thing I need to remember most is that I don't have to win every fight I initiate. If my FTL is charged and I'm losing, I should just jump the hell out of there. No need to be a hero!

Thanks for the kind words! I'll keep at it.

Posted by Iodine

Just watched your first episode and I have 2 things

One: The way you played it was different than I have/some of the other lets plays I have seen have


Posted by ElCapitan

@Iodine: Oh yeah? How is it different? Are the other guys actually good at the game compared to me, haha?

My roommate tried to bring the horse people onto his ship and they killed one of his crew. I wonder what kind of alien/system upgrades would give a blue option for the horses.

...Stupid horses...

Posted by Iodine

I wouldnt say better but just saving the scrap a bunch before just spending all of it and you used your missiles more than most

maybe the horses are just a dream

Posted by ElCapitan

@Iodine: I don't think you can have like a horseman crew, but I just want to see what talking to them can do, you know? Have some kind of horsey wisdom imparted on me, haha.