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Snow Leopard on the Desktop 
Leopard on the Macbook 
I stopped using Windows at home after being responsible for 400+ multi-user notebooks running Windows 3.11 (at a time when NT was already out and known to work relatively well. But in this company these descisions take time...). After that,  I never wanted see Windows ever again.  
And right now I'm sitting here posting this from a notebook running Windows Xp. And believe me when I say most websites (this one included) look crap when using IExplorer 6. 
But then again, this company ain't the fastest when it comes to upgrading software...
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German and English. And just a little bit of French and Spanish.
I would love to learn Japanese, I just can't convince myself to invest all the necessary time for a language that I would probably never need, just for fun of playing a few games in their native language....