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This was a pleasure to read, Patrick. Thanks.

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Ripper article, Patrick. Thanks. And congratulations to BanasaurusRex - via proxy of this article.

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I don't live anywhere near the US and access to second hand guitars is not nearly as readily - or easily - achieved locally. Furthermore, there is a lot to be said for the 'grab-and-go'-ness of buying the pack - no research into what makes a good guitar required, for example.

Having said all that, a fortunate meeting with a local muso at the pub last week during open-mic night lead to my buying a new guitar anyway! Can't wait for launch next week, giddyup!

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I was rather annoyed to find that the pack-in guitar cannot be strung and flipped for a lefty. Massive bummer, given how cheap the pack-in guitar and game package is relative to buying a separate guitar.

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@p_p_o_d said:

Finally a EA release that I am satisfied with

Fantastic. Just fantastic.

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Tremendous article, thanks Patrick. As others have said, it's always super enlightening and very interesting to get close up feedback from game devs about their own games, particularly when they're not there specifically for PR purposes. Hanging out for a release on anything that isn't XBL and its absurd moonbucks system so I can give this game a go.

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Terrific piece Patrick - I really enjoy these types of articles (slightly humanising, personifying). Over at the SIGames forums, the biases of Marc and the other Football Manager creators is often a source of amusement whenever various bugs appear in those games. This is somewhat analogous.

Good stuff. Also, please vote Obama back in. Sincerely, the rest of the world (well, my patch of dirt here in Australia anyway).

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Great stuff Patrick, thank you and Manveer for sharing it with us. It was rather insightful, and very encouraging to see that the people 'on the other side' are as aware of the issues surrounding game reviewing as the rest of us are.

Thanks again, and I really hope other game developers are as open to having another conversation of this calibre with you.