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I have been enjoying my time lately with Cate Archer from No one lives forever again, and man that game is still so funny, love all the conversations you listen to and the enviroment like an old James Bond Movie, and the diffrent tools you have, only minus is the aiming I don't know it feels ok, but it's like something is a bit of, I can't hit the exact same place everytime I shoot, so there is something with the mouse movement that makes it seem a bit of, but it's a small thing. Still would really like a GOG release of them both.

Also I need to play Crimson Skies again, but I can't get it to run on my pc anymore :( so fingers crossed for a GOG release one day.

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@humanity Thanks for the Answer :) I had a Asus one time but then after some years it went dead, I know it can happend with any Board, but I guess it just scared me a bit to try Asus again back then, perhaps now is the time ? we shall see, I really like the features of this Asus Board except all the light, that just needs to be turned of :)

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Great setup I'm also in the upgrade stage, doing both gaming, Photoshop and video edit the most difficult thing to choose has been the motherboard. But that exact model you have was also the one I have chossen so far, I'm on a Asrock now which have served me and my pc since 2012, but the new models did not appeal to me as Much this time. so I Think I Will try Asus this time.

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I really like it too, and is a big fan of Speelbounds Commandos Series especially the second one in the series.

The only thing I really don't like is the loadtimes when you first start the game, I can manage it though because I just play some small game on my phone, og tablet, while I wait, but that is the only really thing I don't like, and I understand from the developer it has something to do with how the game is programmed to load the files, so it's not something I think that will be fixed.

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Blade Runner such a amazing game, love the story and the diffrent endings, and the settings nailed the movie perfect.

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Really enjoying this second one so much, the game got so much more an identity this time around, and I really like the cast, very diverse in their attitudes, and the freedom you have is so great, there was one mission where you needed to tag a wall and you were faced with a area with bad guys that the game I think wanted you to stealth through, but there was a huge Crane on the construction site so I just remote control that to lower down it's basket in the middle of the street climb aboard and just lower myself down right where the target was without alerting anyone :)

Btw. putting out APB's on people is great fun, and creating trafic chaos by making people's car go nuts :)

Btw. I seem to remember Dan told something about him putting out ABP's on the police when they came to arrest someone in I belive it was there unfinished look, were they looked at his footage, is that a late game thing, or only in the beta ? It does not seem to work in the retail version, so I was just wondering?

Just got done climbing the Golden Gate Bridge and oh boy I felt the height the higher up I went, but not bad feeling just surprise I could feel the Height, reminded me about my first time with Crackdown, climbing the tall towers.

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Just finished the last Hokkaido this weekend, silent assasin and it all, man it was a great map, really love the setting, and the way it was build up in these sections, some great throwbacks to early hitman games, and then I just laugh when I saw what the challenge for killing her in the Sauna was called, it's a play on words I don't think you will get if you are not a Dane (as I am) or you know the danish Language.

But yeah really great map, took me time to learn the rules of the place, oh and stalk that guy with the Cowboy hat, that run around complaining all the time :)

Oh yeah and a lot of creative ways to kill the targets, the Male, I used some of the control for the doctors mood swingin to allow me acces to the Heart, which I then just destroyed, and jobs done :)

next time I wanna try to mess up the operation.

Hoping for more fleshed out story in the next season though :)

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Agree I really enjoyed what I saw, and can't wait to check out the things I missed.

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Austin looks kinda diffrent...