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@jouhn: I completely I'm not saying the people who went, were no fans, but I mean When Neil directly is saying this was the goodbye to Joel and Ellie, they should not have made it a limited thing. If they had made something, that was just a little goodie for the People that went, then I would have been fine with, But when he directly say this was the end, thx to the fans, and then not showing it to the rest of us. That is was rubs me the wrong Way. And then they make such a Big number out of saying it Will never be released.

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@juice8367 said:

So what was the special thing at the end? Surely not just the trailer right?

Putting it in spoiler just to be safe

It was from AFTER the final scene in the game. In the scene, Ellie is in her room at Tommy's place, listening to her iPod/CD player etc. Joel enters the room and wants to talk to Ellie. He brings out a guitar and sings a song(Troy Baker played the guitar AND sang in the voice. Fucking amazing). Joel shares a joke that he tells Ester, a woman he's now dating from the camp, with Ellie. "What's the bad thing about eating a clock? It's time consuming." They laugh, Joel leaves the room, and Ellie strums a string. End scene, end journey...perhaps.


The scene takes place at Tommy dam one night 4 years later. Joel talks about how Tommy trying to get Joel hitched to a girl named Esther. El lies acting fairly distant, probably conflicted about joels lie. Joel then said he has a special gift for her and busts out a guitar. Then he plays a special song for her. Then he gives her guitar and promises to teach her. The scene ends with her striking a note on the guitar


Neil also said before the scene is a goodbye to Joel and ellie.

Neil wrote the scene a few weeks ago, and revealed it to Geoff Keighley, before the finished up on the preperations for this event.

Here is a picture of it.


And it will not be made public, and Neil asked people not to film it, they wanted it to be something special for the people who went there.

The only thing I find a bit sad here is, this was the goodbye to Joel and Ellie as Neil said, and it's a shame that all the other TLOU fans don't get's to see it.

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I was in like one minute after link was up, when i pressed confirm it said sold out damm oh well I still got GiantBomb on my screen :)

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Sold out damm!

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@DJJoeJoe: Oh yes forgot to mention RebelFM which I also enjoy very much because they have all the "old" guys on visit from time to time. Brad Shoemaker has also been on it once or twise.

Yep 1Up was something special back then 8-)

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I like both versions of QL's the long once are just relaxing to see, and usually I will be eating while I see it.

The small QL's are still in the we just got this game lets see what it is, sometimes I like the guys to not know what to do in the game, take for instance the Flight Club, one of the funniest things are when Drew, Vinny and Dave don't have a clue on how to get the plane to take of the ground, it would be boring to see them master a SIM fully. Here I want to seem them mess it up.

On the subject of GiantBomb using video medium in a new way than before, well I think that is right although The 1UP show which Patrick also was a part of back in the days of 1UP, also use the whole medium thing in a new way back then from what I had seen before, they would take a 20-30 min or more show with 3-4 games that they would talk about and show gameplay from, it was not so much seeing them actually playing them but more hearing what they had to say, and then seeing examples of it while the talked. Usualy they were a group of 3-4 people sometimes just 2, to talk about the games, but the formula of just a bunch of guys talking about a game was there.

Later when 1 a lot of the people from 1Up got fired, some of them went ahead and made Area5, which continued the formula, unfornunally that project also ended one day, and I'm so sure about what Ryan O'Donell and the other guys are doing today.

GiantBomb then went ahead and changed the formula and perfected it, and added a lot of other things and concepts.

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Contracts was made because after the Succes with Hitman 2, IO Interactive was excited to make the next game and wanted to make the best game in the series yet, but when the deadline came, they tried to ask for more time, The publicher gave them two choices, put Hitman 3 on ICE, or Make a best of Hitman 1 game, because research have showed that only a small fraction of the people who plays Hitman 2, had played Hitman 1.

That move gave them an xtra two years to finish up Hitman 3 aka. Hitman Blood money as they invisioned it to be.

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The Demo from this years Pax


“We’re not going to say that it’s Metal Gear Solid 5,” Kojima said after the demo, “but it is a prologue.” Kojima also confirmed that the demo was running on PC hardware that was similarly equipped to PS3, and that the final game should closely resemble the demo video.

Kojima also confirmed that he is personally creating Ground Zeroes.

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IGN had a similar article, but where some other things was revealed, such as the fade to black or white, to show the truth or the things that was just in Walkers head.

The things that the developer had made visual, was interessting to read about, also something about a billboard that change during gameplay, and other things.

But the whole aspect about you as the player where going too feel something when you played the game did not happen to me, one of the only time that has happen was in The Longest Journey, there was just a part out got to in the game that kinda touched me in a way I was not prepared for, can't quite remember exactly where though.

I have also read all the reviews that talks about Spec Ops the line as something special story wise, and yes it has alot of interessting parts, but none of them where really doing something to me as a person.

David Cage though is on the right track, and Heavy Rain tried the whole emotional rollercoaster ride, but because of poor voice acting, or rather wrong voice actor (Norman Jayden) I was never really pulled in by it.

Beyond looks much better though so fingers crossed.

Spec ops had an interessting idea the whole thing with how they talk to each other later in the game, so yeah lots of great idea's just not executed so well overall.

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I'm also having problems with videos that starts playing and then they just stop, like they are buffering.

Normally I don't have a problem with any of the videos on the site, but recently it has become a problem.

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